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Last week I bought my smoker, electric masterbuilt 30,  it was delivered earlier in the week, Yesterday I smoked my first whole chickens, I used the brine mixture suggested on the website, mixed up my own spices, set my smoker to about 240, and started smoking using hickory. Smoker kept at around 235-240, they took about 3.5 hours to smoke, internal thermometer checked the chicken out, once they were to temp, I shut it down, made the sides, and was ready to eat.   I wish I had the presence of mind to have taken pics, they were beautiful!!  I was way too excited to cut into them... They were the BEST chickens I have ever had!! Looking forward to smoking some wings and corn tonight for dinner.  Tomorrow I am going to try my first Brisket. I LOVE this smoker, would of never thought of buying one, until I went to this rib joint in St. Louis called Bandanas, they had the best bbq that I have ever had, they smoked all the meats, and you put on your own sauce, they gave you a choice of 6 different ones to try.  I also Love the smoking meats website, I found this one, right of the bat, and have never looked at any others, this is the best site, all my questions have been answered and I am sure that if I have any more ?? I know I can hit the forums and get an answer.  Thanks to all of you out there who are newbies, and pros who dont mind helping another newbie out.


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That's some awesome looking chicken there Austin!

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looks great good job

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Hot Damn, I just found Mecca!  


I have been using a crappy old round $79 Home Depot job for years, and decided it was time to get serious.  Well, to you Pros, it's not serious, but for me it is.  I was just delivered a 30" Masterbuilt with window and temperature probe.  I have not even cracked the box yet!  First, I wanted to get some ideas about dinner, and this site did not disappoint.  


I am planning on doing drumsticks tonight, and a whole chicken tomorrow, since they are both frozen and the whole chicken takes a while to defrost.  This weekend, the freezer will be getting full with all kinds of meat for the coming weeks...


I will keep reading posts and taking notes, and hopefully have some success stories to post soon!


Thanks for being here, guys.


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