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It has been a while.

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So with my first year of coaching t-ball behind me I am glad to be back on the forum on a regular basis.  Not much has changed since I have been gone made a few more UDS smokers and cooked in another BBQ cook off.  I got one this weekend and I hope to represent smoking meat well.  I have been reading the last few days and catching up with some familiar names.  Looks like the site has been very busy in the last six weeks.  

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Glad to have you back ECT! Thanks for taking the time to work with them young'uns. You would be surprised at the amount of influence a Coach can have on a kid.  My youngest is almost 19 and he still talks about the Coaches that he had when he played PAL (Police Athletic League) Baseball and Little League Football.


Best of luck on the BBQ Comp this weekend!

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Glad to have you back Ecto.

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Thanks for your participation on Little League..


 Both of my boys played the full length and one went to the senior leagues.Then high school.


Made for some long nights in the spring.




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I had fun had a few pain in the butt parents for a bunch of 5 year olds who had never played before.  Will probably do it again next year miss the long cooks like brisket and pork butts though.  Cooking chicken, ribs, brisket, and chicken lollipops this weekend should have a ton of pictures.

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Great to see the involvement of parents or just adults, as in my case, with kids and any of their functions.  Kuddos sir! and WB.

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Glad to see you back around.

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Good to have you back...

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