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Slim Jim's

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I came across an old recipe of mine for Slim Jim's that has to be from the 80's... it's probably from Rytec Kutas's book, I haven't looked it up yet but that's all I had to work with back then.

This is a real basic recipe and not to bad. It's a lot like a Slim Jim but with out as much grease.

here's the recipe for one pound the way I did it:



US Measure ingredient grams
5 lb Beef 80/20 2270
1 ¾ oz salt 50
¾ oz powder dextrose 21
3 TB ground mustard 13.8
2 TB hot paprika 12.5
.3 oz citric acid 8.5
1 tsp Cure #1 5.5
½ tsp garlic 1.4
½ tsp white pepper 1.2
½ tsp black pepper 1.1
½ TB mace 0.9 


next time I'll cut back on the encapsulated citric acid, it was a touch to much and maybe bump the mace and  black pepper up a notch.


A couple pic's for ya;

5 pounds , or 40 feet of skinny Jimmy's stuffed and ready for a night in the frig.





and one after smoked with hickory for 4 hours and brought up to 154° internal. total smoke time 5.5 hours


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Looks great. I may have to give that a try.

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Looks real good Dan and ya sounds alot like from rytek without having it on board at the moment.can ya send some to the Loves outside Wichita Falls Tx. Please.thanx.Bob.
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Good lookin' SJs!


Another item I need to add to my 'To Do' list!

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Those look super, Dan!!!


Thanks for showing!



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Looking super delicious Dan--WTG!!

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Great post Dan,

Awesome color on those  icon_eek.gif


Thanks for givin' me another "to do" smoke!

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But my neck is sore now 

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Originally Posted by nepas View Post


But my neck is sore now 

Sorry Nepas,  fixed


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Those look great Dan, I am going to try that one...

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What casing size did you use?  I'll probably need to order some and give it a try.  Do they hold up pretty well without refrigeration for a couple of hours (lunch box)


Any reason not to do a cold smoke for a couple of hours and then move over to the Lang and put a bit more heat on them to get them to proper internal temp?


Thanks,  looks like this will be my next "new recipe" attempt.



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Al, I used 19mm collagen's, I still want to try the 16's but haven't got around to ordering them yet.

These are fully cured so I don't see a problem with not being refrigerated for a couple hours.

The cold smoke should work good too, I do mine at 100° for about an hour to dry the casings out then slowly ramp up the temp  to170°.  I guess you could hang at room temp with a fan on them to dry them out before the cold smoke.

 You could also finish them off in the oven if ya didn't want to fire up the Lang


Also if anyone's interested, I checked the weight before the smoke and after they bloomed and there was a 25% weight loss. I was going to check the weight again after a couple days in the frig but mistakenly ate some out of the weighed bad. so that end's that experiment.

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nicely done....they look very tasty!

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Let me check on the 16s.  Instead of ordering Dextrose and Citric Acid I'll probably just use a bit of the Fruit Fresh I have in the cupboard.  I have done fresh sausage on my small offset holding at about 130 for a couple of hours and then kicking up to 165 or 170 to finish just like you said.  I do get deeper smoke flavor with the cold smoke and since this recipe is using cure 1 I may give it a shot that way.


I'm planning on making several different sausages at the SELA gathering so this would be a good addition to the line up.  I should probably do the recipe at least once before doing if for a bunch of people!


Thanks for the info 




Can't find the 16 mm casing and I don't have a stuffer tube small enough to stuff them with so 21mm is what I will have to use.

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Never muched cared for those greasy store bought ones, but the wife LOVES them. Your's I might try though.

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Al, these are sort of mild compared to  real Slim Jim. I'm hoping the flavor intensifies once they dry out some more.

A real crowd pleaser around here is this recipe, 

I use it for sausage, hot dogs and sticks.


And if ya ever want the 16's one of SMF sponsors carries them here.;MULTI_ITEM_SUBMIT 


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They sure look good. Great color!

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Very nice ...I gotta do that ...

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I don't think I do any recipe without messing with it a bit.  I read the link you provided and I'll have to try that one also. 


I'll probably add smoked paprika, maybe increase the garlic to 3 grams, add a bit of Cayenne pepper and do a taste test before stuffing.


Thanks for the help.



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