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Pulled Pork for Graduation

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Smoked some pulled pork for my daughters graduation this weekend. I thought I would share some pictures I know how you all like the pictures.





A mixture of ingredients that I put together. This is my first ever rub so I took a number of different recipes from this site and just started throwing things together. when it was mixed together it had a slight sweet taste with a little tang. I also made a finishing sauce that I used at the end.




the ingredients minus the whiskey that was just to get the creative juices flowing and the little jar in front of it is chili powder.




The Smoker this one belongs to a Friend of mine. If you are following my build this is kind of what the one I am building will look like with a few alterations. My firebox will be in the front of the smoker between the frame and I am not putting a stack smoker on mine. but I will be fabricating a propane burner on mine.




The meat there was a total of 4 of  these.  I like to rub mine down with mustard to give a little flavor and helps the rub stick




Rubbed down





Finished Pork.


When i took it out of the foil it was falling apart.


Cooking process.


I tried to keep my smoker around 250to 260 for until I got the Meat's internal temp to 165 while i was cooking i would open up the smoker and spray it with a capt. Morgan and apple juice mix.


I would then double foil it, add finishing sauce. lower the temp to 220 to 225 and let it cook till the I.T. was about 195


at this point what you need to do is get a cooler and some old towels wrap the foiled meat in towels and put in a cooler for at least an hour. and it will just fall of the bone.


My daughter was very happy that I did this for her graduation. I am so very proud of her!



















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Looks like everything came out great. Looking forward to seeing your finished build. Congrats on the daughter's graduation

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Great job! Pork looks delicious! Congrats to your daughter!

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Congratulations on your grad and your great smoke!

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How Ironic, I'm cooking BBQ for our neighbors daughters graduation party this weekend. Gonna cook 4 butts. Love smellin that smoke!

The Pork looks great! Makin my mouth water!

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I did 4 butts for a friends wedding. look just like your's. congrat to your daughter!!

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looks great...

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That but looks great nice job.. bet it was tasty..

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