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Greenhouse Pics 5/15

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Decided to try some growing outside. Got in some corn and habaneros. Going to plant some banana peppers, jalapenos, and okra in the next few days. I planted the first plants a month ago today.



Got a door on it's not finished yet but it's functional



Basil is growing like crazy










Bush Beans



Lots of small maters



Cucumbers took of this week






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Looks like I need to sign up for the monthly shipments - Looking great Jerry

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Nice jerry. Are those pots made to stack so that you only water the top pot and it runs down?
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WOW!! increadable Jerry,everything looks like its doing extremly well.keep um coming.
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looking good jerry!

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Jerry sure is looking good

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Yes Tom the nutrients run into the top pot then drain into the next all the way down. The trick is to get enough to flow down but not so much as to waste it

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Looks awesome


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Dang Jerry You Gonna Have a Jungle... Looks Great...


If I was Closer I would be your best Buddy at Harvest Time. LOL

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I envy you.  My garden has stalled so bad it's not funny.  Here we are with Southern Louisiana getting flooded with 15ft of water and I haven't caught a lick of rain in weeks. Looking good, keep up the good work



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Holy Mackerel there Piney!!!


Everything's growing like crazy!!!




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What a great garden. We are thinking of starting one in our yard. Just a couple of towers, nothing like you have.

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