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WSM Jerky Rack

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Hey all, just wanted to share my weekend project.  I modified a WSM 22.5" grill grate to accommodate hanging jerky on skewers. 


Before i would have to individually put a piece of jerky in between each slat, i would take me 30-40 mins to load up a grate before smoking.  I removed all bars that i didn't need, left a few for support.  now i can just put the jerky strips on the skewers and quickly hang them!


haven't used it yet but i'm sure this will take my prep time down drastically, will post action pics next smoke!



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Cool. Cant wait to see it in use

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Looking forward to seeing it in action!

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i'm hoping sunday or early next week i'll get to smoke the other 5lbs of meat i have.  Al i'll bring some up when we have our South Fla gathering!

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Never did see any "action pics".....

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Originally Posted by SteevieG View Post

Never did see any "action pics".....

Hahahahahha  We did taste some when he brought it to the gathering... very good.


But I agree....




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hey guys....hahaha i could have sworn i put a post up but maybe not...let me look around and see if i can find pics.  if not i'll just have to make another batch of jerky, DERN, and post it

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