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SRG Legs-N-Pellets

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Doing some chicken legs for my wifes lunch this week on my SRG. Using some pellets for the smoke. The SRG is the only gasser i have and dont use it much as you can tell i forgot how fast it cooks in the $$ shots.



Rubbed the chicken down with EVOO and Tasty Licks Tex Mex rub.




In the fridge for a few hours.




Put the Tommy ring around the bottom and added some pellets.




Heat on medium for the legs.




I need to brush up on gas cooking.




My wife says the chicken smells good. I think its a tad over done for me. Forgot how fast gas cooks.




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Nice looking chicken, there! The only opinion that counts here is momma's, so don't sweat it. As long as she's happy!
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