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PULLED PORK moho and onions miami style

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made a pork yesterday for some tasty sandwhiches

rubbed it down on thursday night and let it sit till saturday morning,  i got up early, threw it on the GOSM and went to work at 7:00 am

got all the men moving and doing the right stuff, bought em luncn,  left the job and got home around one,  just in time to put the pork in a foil pan fill it with some moho and onions, cover tight then back in for a few more hours


5-1 034.jpg


about six hours in i added moho and onions  cover with foil and back into the gosm for a steam


5-1 036.jpg


a couple hours later everything looking good


5-1 046.jpg


looks ready to pull,  took it off and let it sit for a hour


5-1 047.jpg


all pulled ready for sandwhiches

5-1 048.jpg


i added the onions and some of the mojo juice after i shredded and it came out wonderfull  just throw a pile on a bun and you are good   no need for sauce


thanks for looking




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With a possible lunch like that YOU HIRING OLD FARTS?????

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Looking good Rick. I bet that is some tasty sauce too!

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77.gif awesome!

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Great job Rick,I really like the onion idea.

Thanks for sharin'  drool.gif

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I could go for a few sammy's. icon14.gif

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