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BEEF RIBS miami style

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been seeing alot of posts about beef ribs recently and you guys inspired me to try some,   soooo.......


5-1 031.jpg

covered with spices and brown suger  into the fridge for two days


5-1 032.jpg

here they are after two hours ready for foil and juice


5-1 038.jpg


looks like my assistant is cooling off she wont go in the pool, cause she sinks, but she likes this one 


5-1 042.jpg


finished product with that nice sauce


5-1 044.jpg


heres  a close up


5-1 045.jpg



they came out awesome and will be on the menu many more times

thanks for inspiring me to try something new


Thanks for looking

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There's definately no shortage of ideas and inspiration at this site. thumb1.gif

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Looking delicious!!!



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Nice job Rick, nothing like a beef pop!

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Looks fan-dang-tastic! I bet those will hit the menu again! Congrats!
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Great looking ribs Rick. I bet they were mighty tasty too

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Great looking Dinos! 

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Nice xrocker.gif

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Awesome Dinos Rick




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man those look good!


Hey MiamiRick check out my post in the Gatherings section about setting up a south florida gathering, Smokin' Al and myself are trying to organize something for all of us in the fall

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good loking and yummmmy  ribs you smoket  Rickthumbsup.gif



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Nice Job Rick those look great...

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Looks great!!! Gotta love beef ribs

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OMG !!!---------That close-up is even "ZOOMABLE" ------------I can't ask for anything more!!!!!

Great pull-back!


And the old girl is in the pool !!!!


I got here too late to see the 2 1/2 Reverse, in Pike position she used for entry!!!



Great post !!!



Thanks Rick,


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missed these the first time around, looks good rick...........and talk about pull back!

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Nice Rack!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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