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Boneless arm roasts ideas

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I bought a bunch of arm roasts on sale for 2.47lb.  they are all 2.5-3 lbs each and got them priamarily to grind with.  Any smokeing ideas for these things?

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Those puppies are essentially pot roasts, and can be smoked beautifully.  It is essentially a chuckie (chuck roast).  Season with whatever you like (salt, pepper, rubs, etc.) and smoke it at a cook temp of 225-250* until it reaches your desired level of done (I usually want these to fall apart like a pot roast) and enjoy.  Sammies are always a great idea, IMHO.  Search "Chuckie" or "chuck roast" here on SMF for some great ideas.

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I would like to do pulled beef with them but was worried they would get to dry. 

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Keep a water pan in the smoker, spritz with apple juice occasionally, and foil it around 165* until it falls apart. Essentially treat it like a brisket that won't take 10-15 hours. You can also inject before smoking to boost the moisture levels.

Cheers! Should be really good eats when ur dine!
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Don't forget the Q-view!

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Since it is basically just a chuck roast I would smoke it like you would a chuckie.  I would also put a pan of beef stock under the roast while smoking. The smoked stock is amazing and can be used in a lot of dishes. It also makes an amazing au jus for a french dip

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Ok so I did a lil search on pulled beef and smoked chuck and found a lot of different ideas and recipes, some of them I really wanted to try but unfortunately I dont want to run to the store tonight for a few lacking ingredients.  So I am going to make due with what I have which is still a lot of options. 


I decided I am going to inject tonight and rub in the morning before it goes in.  For the injected marinade I threw a bunch of stuff together untill I got a flavor that I liked.  It has some fajita marinade that I needed to use up,  apple cider vinager,  head and country bbq suace, a lil brown sugar, and some root beer (Dont judge mebiggrin.gif).   Anyhow it ended up with a flavor I liked that I feel would go well with bbq pulled beef. 


As for the rub I had some leftover rubs that needed used I decided to start with as a base and tweeked them to my likeing for beef by adding more kosher salt, onion, and garlic powders along with some meat tenderizer.  I will probably coat the roasts in morning with either olive oil, or mustard or L&P thick worcestershire and then cover with rub.


anyway its all ready to go for the morning

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Hope they came out great Jeff,

Would love to see how it turned out  popcorn.gif

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