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Nothin' better on the Side with Q than BEER...BUT!!!!

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Greetings all,

If I'm Smokin' or Eatin' Q, I usually have a case of Cold Ones close by.


BUT, when the mood strikes or my Mrs' and/or Cheffy Daughter's join in it's....


Smokin' Great SANGRIA!


In a Pitcher large enough to hold a Gallon plus Fruit, combine...


1C Brandy or more...cheapo E&J, Christian Bros.

1C Triple liqueur.

2C Apple Juice or Cider

2C Orange Juice...Fresh or Simply Orange

1-2 Sliced Oranges...Lemons and Limes, Optional.

1-2 Diced Apples

Red Wine to FILL...Riunite Lambrusco is my fav.

*NOTE*  You will use most of the 3 Liter Bottle! Or, if you have room, dump it all!

Additionally, if you choose a really Dry Red Wine, you may need to add a bit of Sugar. The Lambrusco is on the sweet side so no additional sugar is needed. 


Mix well and CHILL WELL...I stick it in the Freezer for an hour or more.


"CAUTION"  This goes down smooth and will kick your BUTT!




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   Yeah,B.S.(before sobriety), I would love to sip either a LoneStarBeer,a good Whisky(over ice) or the Sangeia (I'm not a big Wine connisoure )sp.Now it'sCoffee,Sweet Tea or a good Colapepsi.gif can not say the namebiggrin.gif.

   You're close enough to maybe do a road trip, Keep in touch and send some Q-view.

Stan     aka     oldschool

and as always...

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Like I said^^^,come anytime or Pm,there's plenty of room on the Smoker :


Betty 002.JPG


  We can have a party,we need another excusebiggrin.gif




































































































































































































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Thank you for the invite, Oldschool', I ran a Mapquest from Harrisburg to Toledo. For me to justify 7 hours and 426 miles at $4+ a gallon, you better make some KILLER Q, or the only bones gettin' picked will be mine after my lovely wife dumps my body somewhere near the state line.

I'll add some pics from the next batch. And congrats on sobriety.



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  LMAObiggrin.gif, Maybe sometime this summer and if not,at the 25th Anniversary for the Wife and I;and yes,the 'Q' is  good.Nothing but good hard wood and my spices.No peeking and wasting BTUs or disturbing the Smoker's environmentdrool.gif,that's a long story,PM me and I'll enlighten you439.gif.

   Have a good summer and...

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