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Where's Bear?

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Anybody talk to him today?


His last post was yesterday at 11:25 am.


Hey Bear, if your lurking give us a growl!



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He's probably holed up in the Bear cave smoking something!

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I email with him almost daily - I will send him a note to see whats up

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Hope he's OK!

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 His iMac died. It is in the shop and he hopes to be back up and running again on Monday. He has a PC but doesnt want to go on the net with it without virus protection. 

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That's good to hear!

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Thanks Gary!


I emailed him too, ditto on what you said, the Bear kinda grows on you and missed hearing from him.






Here's a new question;


Where's Travcom 45, I haven't seen him post in a long time?


Anyone know of his whereabouts?



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Thank Guys!


I've been back since about 6 PM, but only had time to get to my backed up subscriptions.


Thank heavens for that "Time Capsule" we put in about a year ago, because the hard drive went completely & took my son's business, my wife's income tax clients records, thousands of coaxial/antenna sweep tests, hundreds of addresses, and thousands of pictures with it!!!!


A new blank hard drive, and three hours with the "Time Capsule" and we're fully restored!!!!


Now Mrs Bear is waiting for me watch a movie with her----Be back about 6:30 AM.



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Tip has been real busy and he hangs out on another forum more than here. He has been kind of out of sorts wth his boy in Afganistan - I will shoot him a note too

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Well dam, alll this time I thought ya all waz a refferrin to me---lmoaoth_crybaby2.gif

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I just got a message from Tip that he has been slammed and looking forward to his kid coming home soon.  He says Hi to all and will be back to us soon

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Sorry to hear about your mac .Good to hear no blood no foul.You have a friend in ark.Keep the faith and god bless your son for putting himself in harms way.

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Glad your back, Buddy!

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