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MES 30 leaking down the legs

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I was wondering if anyone else is having issues with their smoker leaking at legs of their smoker. I have now used my smoker now like6 times now. the 1st couple of times there were no issues now it does and is getting worse.

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Is the vent on the top fully open? If not, that will cause condensation.

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Make sure it's level or slightly tilted back.

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yeah the vent or hole that is at the top is open and unclogged. and i have also checked the hole for the drip tray as well and it is 100% unclogged.


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It is level I will try the slightly tilted back. and see if that helps any. THe back leggs seem to be very little at the moment.

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I had to put a couple of shims on the front legs of mine to tilt it back, then it stopped leaking.

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Thanks I will defently try that. I just find it weird that it is getting worse with each use. I am excited to see if this works. I might have to smoke somehting in the middle of the week. Hmmm what should i try.

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Whatever you decide to smoke, don't forget the Q-view!

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I have the analog model, so the drain is right in the centre.  I have yet to have anything even go into my drip pan since nothing ever makes it to the bottom (i use an aluminum roasting pan from the grocery store to catch the drippings - it only costs $0.75).


I still get a drip from the door - but it only condensation (not oily, just water).

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Mine as the drip pan in the center as well. I know that this isn't coming out the door. but i am going to try to do do the tilt back.

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Refrigerator storage containers.drip pans 001.jpg

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What happens, is the foam above the door expands, and the inside of the door warps.  The drip rail tilts down, and the moisture has a hard time getting to the drip pan.

I made a simple extension out of stainless steel, and all the drips now hit the pan.  I have (2) MES 40's and they both are warped on the inside of the door.  I also use a boot tray under the front of my MES.


Check your door and I bet you will see a slight bulge right above the drip rail.




Here's a pic of how I fixed it


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