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Wicked Mac & cheese Q/view

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Last week I came down with a flu first action my wife took, was to make a chicken soup.

Ok you eat 1 day 2 days  ok 3days, but after 3 dayes  there  is  a  15 oz  (0.5 litter) leftover of soup.

at   our home  we dont throw away good food .

so I will do a gravy  like a recipe from diners drive-ins and dives  . I did a roux .

I mix in the flour for the roux,  salt, pepper, red hot paprika, cumin, garlic powder.

I mix the roux  with the soup and it turnd  Wicked .ok change of plans .....I fried   cubes of salami and mushrooms.

in   a pot I par boil pasta .(pane pasta  and flat pasta ) and put it in a aluminium  pan .mix in the mushrooms and salami . add to the gravy  1/2 lb of cheddar cheese ,1/2 lb gouda cheese .mix it with the macaroni.

  Sprinkle½ lb   shredded mozzarella  cheese on top .in to  the oven for 45 minute at  350°f. ......

At the last minute i managed to rescue  a piece to take a photo for the Q /view . the family polisht it quick quick.

DSC04513.JPG DSC04520.JPG

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I'd hit that hard dude, nice job!

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That sounds awesome and obviously, it was a crowd pleaser. We're a family that never throws anything away either. Thanks for sharing the great idea.

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Looks delicious Ahron!

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Love some Mac & Cheese...good job !

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That is some creative improv', nice work!...JJ

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Thanks guys . now The whole family  is Waiting  for the next one to came down with a flu   icon_mrgreen.gif



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Mac and cheese from chicken soup? Who-da-thunk-it? Nice job! Thanks for sharin the idea.

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looks good! ever tried to smoke it??

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Originally Posted by realtorterry View Post

looks good! ever tried to smoke it??

Not yet maybe next time

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Looks Great...

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sounds great nice job

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got to love mac and cheese

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Good looking Mac & Cheese and 'shrooms, ...never thought of that, thanks for the idea.


We had a 5 days of rain last week, made a big pot of chicken soup too, lasted 4 days, winter has arrived!



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