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How long can I hold sausage,

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...after I've added the TQ and spices?


Last night I ground up 3 pounds of pork butt and made my first attempt at Italian Sausage, I also have 2 pieces of bellie curing for Chinese Bacon, TQ, 5 spice and some rice wine and 1 piece following Bear's recipe, tonight is the 9th day and it was my intention to stuff the sausage into the hog casings Gary sent and finish prepping the bacon to smoke along with the sausage tomorrow.


I have a small problem, I did something stupid this afternoon, I'm not as young as I think I am and while carrying some heavy particle board I ripped my biceps muscle loose at the elbow in my left arm, tomorrow I have to see a specialist to schedule surgery, so that means no smokin' tomorrow and I go to church on Sunday ...incidentally, the surgeon's name is Dr. Belli, how ironic!


Hence my question, do you sausage and bacon experts think I can still stuff the sausages and prep the bacon Sunday night and smoke on Monday and it will still be safe to eat, if so I'll tell the surgeon he ain't cuttin' me on Monday, ...what do you say?




(I'm now officially Bear's one armed man hiding out in Tahiti)




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My first concern is really your arm. I know it will heal but. Now the bacon should be fine but only for 4-5 days before I would smoke it.I have left the bellies curing for up to 2 weeks before with no harm.I'm wondering about the sausage I have never left sausage in the refrig for more then a couple of days. I'm no expert and I'm sure that one will come around soon. So hang on for a more knowledgeable person comes along.

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Get that arm fixed asap Gene!!

The bacon will be fine, sometimes I'll cure it for a week, rinse, and let it set in the frig for another week to dry out before smoking.

As far as the sausage goes, are they stuffed and does the mix contain cure?  If they're cured you could wait, if fresh I wouldn't go over 3 days from the time ya ground it, (and I wouldn't smoke them without cure)

 I think the best thing is to freeze the ground pork till ya know when you will be able to finish it.

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What a bummer, it sounds like a pretty serious injury. Hope all goes well with the surgery! Wishing you good luck!

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Dang Gene, You gotta be more carefull...


I would follow Dan's advice on the sausage and the bacon.


Get that arm fixed first...

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Sorry to hear about the injury...I know it hurts..


Looks like the gang has ya covered about the rest..



Get well.



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Mark, Dan, Al, Paul and Craig,


Thanks for the advise and concerns, the sausage is not stuffed yet, just mixed, I'll take your advice and put them in the freezer, as for the bacon, should I rinse it first?


I feel so foolish, what a stupid mistake, ...well, it's time to take the first step in this parade.


Thanks all for your support,



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Yes Gene I would rinse it first then place it in the refrig uncovered  to dry out some before you smoke it. I have gone as long as 2 weeks drying this way but I hope you're not out of commission that long.

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Dang it Gene that really sucks. I know how excited you were to get the casings. Take care of that arm. Kathy and I will keep you in our thoughts and prayers

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Thanks all for your replies,, I'm came back from the surgeon and took a nap, that's a first for a Saturday afternoon!  He said he wouldn't operate because

I was too old, just to let it heal naturally, next came the proverbial question of how long I would have to have my arm strapped to my chest and when could I go back to work?  He just laughed, told me to come back in 10 days and he would tell me more then, ...he said something about reeducation.



For the past 2 hours I've been messing around in the old bacon makin' threads and up to the present, wow things have sure changed, back then they used cure #2 or TQ without measuring, just sprinkle some on, put the cure and pork in a baggie for 2 -5 days, smoke at 200°, kinda makes a fella glad to have all of the expert advice of today.


Much to my dismay the Italian sausage is in the freezer, but I think I can prep and smoke the bacon with 1 hand, seems like I have some free time so Monday bacon it is!


I will post it in a new thread, thank you my SMF friends for being there.



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Darn Gene!  Sorry to hear about the arm.  It sounds like something I would do.  As others have said, the meat will be fine.  Get yourself fixed.  LOL


Good luck and good smoking!

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Gene, you got some good advice here on the meat now just listen to the Doc and heal up!  Keep you in my prayers.

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I'm wondering what is in that sausage.

If it's got cure in it, don't worry about holding it, and you can smoke the Bacon and the sausage together.


If it doesn't have cure in it, you would have to smoke the sausage at a much higher temp than you would want to smoke your Bacon.



Take care of the Bicep!!!







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Venture, thanks.


Dutch, thanks, looks like I have some time on my hands, gonna finally try your bean recipe!


Bear, I thought we weren't going to tell anyone? LOL


Yes folks, our lovable Bear and I are related, cousins, my ancestor came from Southern Germany in the 1700's and settled in Pennsylvania, seems a guy in Bears family found one of his grand daughters and the rest is history.


The sausage has cure in it and the spices are mixed in with the meat, I just needed to stuff it, I have since bagged it and it's in the freezer, but I kept a sample out to fry and it is very good, so good I've almost convinced Mrs JPT to stuff it for me, she liked it that much.


Thanks all for your concern and prayers.



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Until your hand hurts Gene LOL sorry i couldnt resist

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