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This is goin on the smoker on sunday! Wish me luck :)

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I hope it turns out well.. Any tips are appreciated




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haven't done beef yet but good luck I'm sure all will be well. Happy Smokin

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The first thing that you need to do is don't get intimadated by this hunk of meat. Alot of folks are scared to death over a brisket. It's just a little bigger hunk of meat. Now it will be a pretty long smoke and thats a good thing for you can have temp spikes and lows and you still have plenty of time to recover and move onward. The next thing you will do is kick yourself in the butt after it's smoked and you taste hopw good it is. You will soon be wishing that you get the other hunk next to this one. So good luck and we will be here the whole way thur for you.

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you will do Fine, LOW AND SLOW and Don't keep PEEKING.

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Don't forget the Q-view!

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How do i use the Q-view? and what exactly is it lol?

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Q-view is taking photo's of you food & posting them in your thread. It's just a matter of clicking on the insert image icon at the top of the text box & following the prompts.

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   Rubadubtubb,as the others said,it will be a long smoke~1.5hrs./lb.meat @ 200* to 225*f ,thus the small variations in heat. I do not know what you are cooking on,but you should have temp. capabilities,so keep them low.

   ^The main idea is "PATIENCE",do not look into the chamber until the time is past,then check. Trust me,it worksbiggrin.gif

Have fin and...

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looking forward to seeing the results.......good luck

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Good morning - by now you should be well into your smoke. Be sure to post up some qview and tells us about the smoke and what you did

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How's everything going?

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Everything seems to be going just fine.. its 2:30pm here now.. got a couple hours to go..


What temp should i pull it at and then wrap in foil and towels?

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Hey guys.. Well it was a really long day for me.. but i managed to cook up a brisket and i really enjoyed it.. "this was my second time using my smoker so i was a little nervous lol". but now time for some pics and some info on what i did.. and what i would like to do next..


10:30am - Woke up and pre-heated my masterbuilt smoker 30'

11:00am - Took the brisket out of the fridge and popped it in the smoker and added some lightly soaked hickory chips. Grill was set at about 225-230

------- I changed the chips a total of 5-6 times not quite sure lol over this period of time and i added water twice

07:00pm - Brisket was temping at about 165 and i decided to wrap in heavy duty foil twice and stick back into smoker

09:00pm - brisket had reached 184 and i decided to pull it and wrap in towels for an hour

10:30pm - opened everything up and was worried at how tender this would be.. sliced it and i tryed some and it was as good as the place i use to buy bbq from.. so im happy lol i got 6lbs of this stuff lol


I was upset the bark was a little moist. and not crusty.. and i really could have used more smoke because there's not much of a ring on these slices :( but better luck next time.. still tasted smokey


I think next time i will vent my smoker a little bit more to let some of the water vapor out.. and i guess buy reading on this forum everyone recomends the amazn smoker thing..


 I appreciate any tips u guys have.. other than that.. here is my end results.. and for the people saying i should have started on a pork butt because the brisket is hard for a amature.. I think i did alright for my second smoke ever.. dont be intimated by a brisket..










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looks good man

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Looks like your first brisket was a success. It looks juicy & perfectly done. Great job!  points.gif

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NIce job on the first brisket...and figuring out the Qview. Smart to pick up the piece from Costco...a 'choice' cut of beef is a good start.....what's next, lol....

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looks perfect to me , good job !!!

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Fine looking briskit. Looks great.  Mine have always come out to dry to my liking so next one I cook is coming off at lower I.T.  Yours looks really juicy! and as for your bark I think It's wrapping in the foil that loosened it up.  I toss mine onto a hot grill for a few minutes after it's done gets the crisp right back.


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Man it looks yummmmythumb1%20copy.gif super job


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