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First of our new RF patio smokers

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After a few head aches with other factors in life, I trailered home one of our RF patio units that I am delivering tonight.  20 inch diameter by 36 inch long smoke chamber, and an 18 inch aquare firebox.  Both the grate in the smoke chamber and firebox are pull out.  What do you guys think? 








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Looks good other than that shin buster handel on firebox.What does the inside look like?

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LOL yeah that's going to get clocked to an upright position and shortened a bit.






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It's a nice rig, but I'm wondering why you only have 1 shelf. It looks like there's plenty of room for a second shelf.

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Cost is the major factor.  Our next run is going to have another level of runners on it so that you can adjust the height if you want to, but the 2nd pull out shelf is an add on option.  With the unfortunate events in Japan, the price of new steel is going nuts. 

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Well good luck. It looks like a great smoker!

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Mark it up send it on .People know you get what you pay for or sell as a deluxe.

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I think it looks great. 


I hear ya on the prices but japan can't take full credit, the prices were way out of control long before that happened. 


I think the second shelf add on is a great idea. Also maybe a different handle for the shelf, one just like that caused me to topple a whole pan of beans one day since I wasn't paying attention. Just a thought.



Would I be out of line to ask how much they are going for?

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Outside Colorado is 1200 plus freight.  That would be with two grates.   The single grate version is for a local retailer.


Appreciate the the comments.  I thought about having my production guy moving the handles to the corners, but that makes one handed operation more difficult.  Will look into making it shorter.


You are right the price of steel wasnt doing great things to begin with.   Now however..  Getting ugly around here.  and it aint just my reflection!



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Seems like a pretty fair price. 


On the handle, that was just a idea from personal experience.


Good call on the thought about pulling it out with one hand.

If there is enough room, maybe you can have them just cut out a small rectangle from the front center of the expanded metal.

Just gotta make sure that there is enough room so that ones fingers don't get pinched on the way back in. 

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I will have to play with one of the grates when I get out there this week.  Appreciate the input..  My goal when I started this was to create a smoker that DIDNT do all the things that ticked me off about the commercial smokers I was working with.  Usability, big air leaks, bad airflow, temp probes in the wrong place..  ect

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love it......looks like you are on to something.....good luck

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