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First review of the new que.

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As some of you know from a previous post, I bought the new STōK Tower charcoal grill.


The main thing that won me over vs the the Webber Kettle was the cast iron grill.

The others was the price, the versatility, and the ease of use (the charcoal is so easy to light a 5 year could do it).


Putting it together.....well, PITA and yeah, I am good at that type of stuff.

It is packed nicely and the instructions are easy to follow but the side panels were a little difficult to put on.

However, once they are on, the build quality is sold.


I left the lighting basket it in order to create two temperature zones and use less charcoal. 

this is great if you are cooking for 1-2 people.

with only 20 pcs of charcoal and some wood chips the over all internal temp reached 300 degrees with 50-100 degrees lower on the outer ring alowing me to slow cook the food. I cooked a steak on the outer ring and wrapped some steak fries in foil and threw them on the center. Then right at the end the end tossed the steak on the middle.


Everything turned out fantastic.


Tomorrow, I think I will try my first pizza on the Que.


Over all, I am completely stoked about my new STōK.



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Ok, ok, I get it.

I did take some and will try and get them up later. Gotta work today so just be patient.



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Ok so you will post the pictures later. You just have to understand and believe me you will soon. This is an obsession and we are just crazy about smoked foods. Believe me for I don't normally get up at 3 Am. to start a smoke for someone else to eat and enjoy.

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Dammit, forgot to set the dough out so Pizza did not happen. :(


However, yesturday I did soak a steak in a homemade Beer-B-Q sauce that I made and cooked it tonight.

Along with some mac-n-cheese on the grill.


I cooked my steak for over 30 min and it was still rare.


Ok, so I know this is not amazing in itself.

The amazing part is it was so easy to do that a 5 year old could have done it.


Well, everything was amazing and yes, I still have more pics.


Problem is that the longer you cook food, the more beer you drink and right now, I just don't feel like posting them.


So maybe tomorrow.


Plus, I just like making you guys wait. Hahaha





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BTW, pics are in my other thread if you have not figure it out already.



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