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Cornish Hens & Porkchops (thin style)

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I am doing cornish hens and chops tomorrow, i plan on brining the hens and not sure if i should do the chops as well.


the chops are the thin style, and i thought about those because i wanted to do the hens and had room on the smoker.


i figure about an hour @ 250ish for those, and was wondering about how long on the hens.


i have a brinkman vertical smoker and use hardwood lump charchoal

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The chops may take 1hr, depending on how thin they are.

I'm just guessing,But the hens may take 2hrs or so.

Just cook them till an internal temp of 175º in the breast and 165º in the thigh.


Good luck, and don't forget the Qveiw!

BTW, Welcome to SMF

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cool ty,



should i brine the chops or would it hurt if i did?



cool i will do the qview, now i feel dumb for askin how, lol.

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Sounds great, I quit brining them little birds myself and smoke them at 250* until 160* in the breast and cover them for 30 minutes. I injected my last batch with lemon juice, oh yah. 

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I think Raptor means 165 in the breast & 175 in the thigh. Good luck & don't forget the Q-view.

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well i  brined them, they came out EXCELLENT (virtual self-pat on the back), but the rub i made a little salty, but not too bad, for a short smoke, next time i will use a little less in the rub, but the meat was fine. and the first batch of chops were a lil over done but not ruined (no pic), 2nd batch came more awsomer (its a word now, lol).100_1751.JPG100_1752.JPG

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Great job, The birds and chops look fantastic!

I new you could do it..........Looks-Great.gif

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Looks tasty!!



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Looks great.  I have been wanting to do anotehr round of hens. 

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Thanks everyone!

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