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Sweet Lebanon BATMAN

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Got another round getting ready to go.


Got my mix ready.




All the dry is going to be mixed together and added to 3/4 cup water. The F-RM-52 will be mixed seperate with 4 Tbs water and set aside.




1/4 tsp of F-RM-52 ready to mix with water.




The main body of dry (dark) and the FRM small cup




Mix the main with 5 lbs of meat for 3 mins. Then add the FRM to the meat and mix for 2 mins.


Cover and fridge for 24-28 hours.


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Here we go again, I knew you couldn't go more than a day without making sausage.

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Yep all three of them are at it again...biggrin.gifsausage.gif

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nepas #1.....WOOO HOOO


nepas #2......YIPEEE


nepas #3.....OH YEAH MAYNARD

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Have major rain up here today so no water stuffing outside,,,,Bummer


Have to go with my LEM.




I wanted to do smaller chubs and am able to get 2 from 1, 3x24" fiberous casing.




Even a baby chub...HA




The SLB chubs are going to get a 50 hang time at 80* no smoke. This time will get the FRM to ferment and give the Tang you have in the PA Dutch LB and SLB bologna. After the hang i will PID the smoker to 90* with 7-8 hours of smoke.








Hey nepas #2


#2   Yeah


Tell nepas #3 to wake up



nepas #3 said to nepas #1....SHUP

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Nice  !!!!

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This is crazy Nepas, I think there's more than 3 of you!

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The long hang time is over. Now for some long cold smoke time.


I was going to use some pellets but this is all i have left of 340lbs




So i will chip the pan with hickory. Its going to be a long 10 hours with re filling the pan.






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I think Nepas stepped back in time and did the Multiplicity thing - There could actually be dozens of them running around

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The smoke on the SLB is done and they passed the squeeze test.


Now hanging in the fridge for 2-3 days to darken and loose some moisture.



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SLB should be another hang day but i cant wait.





Smells really good.




Casing peels perfectly.




Thats the color i'm looking for.




On the inside to.




Taste...100% better than store bought. I will make the SLB again.


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Man O Man i was tempted to lick my screen that looks so good.. Nice job

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Very nice Leb bologna, Nepas!


I think the smaller chub size is ideal.


After having just spent $8-9/pound for the stuff here locally—I do look forward to attempting what you've done here.



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