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Thermometer in Weber Kettle

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I'm thinking of using an 2" Old Smokey Thermometer on my 22" Weber Kettle but I'm worried that I might ruin it since it only goes up to 475F.  Do you guys think I would ruin it or would it be fine once it goes down when I do smokes in it. 

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How about looking at this from a different viewpoint?  I just made the following mod to my Weber 22.5 OTG and other additions to the Weber setup.  I drilled a small hole in the side/bottom, just above the cooking grate and inserted a lamp eyelet.  It's threaded, hollow rod used in the making of lamps which allow you to pass the cord through the center to the light fixture itself.  I've found repair kits for just this sort of thing in the lighting sections of HD and Lowes and I'm sure most any other decent hardware store.  Will be much more accurate when you pass the leads for your wireless therm's for smoking meat through.  It's a very popular mod and quite cheap.

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I like the digital idea but I would really like to put in a analog since I can hold temps so well.  Just want something I can take a look at real quick while I do yard work and smoke at the same time.  That and I have my other digitals setup for my other smokers.

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Do you know if your kettle will truly get above 475°, under a normal smoke? Have you used a calibrated therm to read your highest temp? Dave gave you a well suggested mod that will be great for readng at grate level.Just trying to help you out. It's all good my friend.

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Here's a pic of the mod (made to another item but......).  I've heard others say that it's ok to just pass these thin leads under the lids and thru the doors, whatever.  Any intrumentation geek will tell you not only NO but @#$$ No.  DSC00529.JPG

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