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Apple Smoked Amish Cheese

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Have a couple small blocks of cheese going to cold smoke with apple.


Amish old style swiss and horseradish.





2 hours first then i will look at the color. If not what i like another hour. Vac seal, date and label for later. I have some smoked cheese thats vac sealed for a year now.....MMMMMMM



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I'm interested to see how that horseradish cheese gets.

I included a block of that in my last cheese batch, and it got a kinda sour taste. It was strange. I didn't care for it. All the other cheeses in the batch were great!





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I did a block of horseradish about a month ago and loved it.  I wonder if it depends on the cheese itself?  I used the Oak Bourbon Barrel for that cheese.

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Just add todays cold smoke cheese to the 50 lbs i have in the fridge.



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50 lbs.? You can send some down to me for an independent taste test!  icon_biggrin.gif

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Went to help my neighbor.....OH CR@P




Got some good color so these are getting sealed, marked and dated and put way in back to mellow and age.  Yes i did cut the blocks in half about 10 mins into the smoke.





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They look great man

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