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Moink Balls & Pork Chops w/ Q-view

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Do ya put MOINKs under pork or beef??? confused.gif  I chose "pork" because of the chops that went along for the ride.


Actually, I found these chops in the clearance bin at the local market.  There were not quite enough for the family dinner, so I decided to make some MOINK balls to complete the meal (my first attempt at MOINK balls).  I seasoned the chops with salt, pepper, and brown sugar.  Here they are in the finished state.




I ground my own beef from a london broil cut, mashed a panade (bread & milk) to keep the meatballs moist, and mixed everything with Italian bread crumbs and pepper.  Of course -- the essence of the MOINK -- BAAAAACOOOON!  241.png  Held everything together with a toothpick.




Into a 250* smoker with ashwood for smoke.  The chops are behind the MOINKs.  On the top rack are some of the ingredients for my daughter's authentic smoked salsa for a little competition in her Spanish class.  I'll post that Q-view a little later tonight when we've done the final assembly & taste-testing.  439.gif


Pulled the chops and the MOINK balls out when they hit 165* internal temp.  I crisped up the bacon under the broiler for about 60 seconds a side.  The finished chops are shown in the first pic.




The MOINKs were a huge hit with dinner -- little heavenly bite-sized carnivore treats on a stick!  I will definitely add these to my appetizer repertoire along with ABT's and stuffed smoked mushrooms!


Thanks for looking!


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Great Looking Balls and Chops...

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Looks delicious James! Great job!

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Looks mighty tasty James !




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Wow! That looks great!

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I could eat those for breakfast....great job !!!!

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Awesome, nice color on those chops

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Those look awesome. Where's the salsa?

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Originally Posted by realtorterry View Post

Those look awesome. Where's the salsa?

Either my ISP or this website went wonky in the middle of my salsa post last night, & after much frustration, hissyfit.gif I gave up and went to bed.  I'm posting it right now.  Thanks for the interest and the kind words!


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