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Need Ideas

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Ok - I have many questions.  I have been smoking for many years on a New Braunfels look-alike.  Now I want a big trailer mount smoker.  LOL.  The local lodge has decreed I am the bbq master, and now they want to sell some ribs for a fundraiser and we are having a bbq dinner in a few weeks.  Awful hard to cook for 400 on such a small smoker - but we have did it before.  Anyway - the only thing I am pretty much decided on is a reverse flow.  I really would like to build a Lang clone, although I saw the build of a bottom fired reverse flow pit on this forum - and thought it looked pretty amazing.  I am unsure how that would scale up to something much bigger though.  I already have some heavy wall 36" pipe donated to the cause (2 sticks at I think 6').  I would love to build something big enough to hold 100 slabs of ribs, but I am thinking 10' long would be about the best size.  Tell me what you guys think - any ideas, or thoughts would be appreciated.  This build will take some time - it's a bunch of volunteers and we are trying to do it on the cheap (all of our money we make goes to scholarships and benefits for others in need), but I do promise pics and updates.

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This site has tons of info.

I would suggest you spend some time reading all the different forums and the WIKIs.

Then use the handy dandy search tool for specific interests!!


Have a great day!!!



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Welcome to SMF. There are plenty of builders on here to help with your build.

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I have spent many months here reading - the build I don't think will be to tough, I have a welder lined up.  A couple of them actually.  Nice thing about the lodge - the guys there are all excited to get involved on the build.  None of them have a smoker though - so the design is up to me.  I am just trying to get some good ideas on size and what works well, and what doesn't.

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Mind you, I'm just throwing ideas out, but how about something like this:


Having the firebox directly underneath seems to be in vogue.

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It's supposedly easier on fuel, but I'm not sure how you'll keep the phallic look to a minimum.


Look, somebody had to say it!

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I think I would have to consider building two like the one you viewed that was built by vette guy. Just my opinion tho.


I feel you would get much better temp control out of two smaller ones vs one that is 10 feet long.


If you didnt have pipe already in hand I would say that you should go for a stumps clone or a rotisarator. Southern Pride makes a pretty slick unit that could be easily cloned as well.



Fundraiser ribs are a tough gig, not so bad if you have access to a walk-in cooler. Sounds like you would have plenty of help for the prep and the additional work involved for large numbers.


Three of us did up 300 plus using 2 southern's and a clone of sorts and it wasnt to bad.



Even with racks, I think 100 slabs would be tight. The southern I have used holds 48 and there stacked tight.


Good luck and pls keep us posted


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