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BC.... I think I wuv you!!!!! ((((huggles))))


Someone who loves cheese as much as I do.....*sigh*

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O.k. I know somewheres someone told me about the starting temp

for smokin a fatty....


What I need the temp to be before I load the smoker..but I don't remember where

what temp should I put it in to start with????


I want to try to get this done tommorrow......

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It really doesn't matter. Some guys let the smoker get to temp, most smoke around 225, then put the meat on. I like to put whatever I'm smoking on when I start the smoker up. That way whatever I am smoking goes thru a small period of cold smoking, while the smoker comes up to temp. The meat or fattie will absorb more smoke when it's cold than it will when it heats up. It's just a personal preference. Either way will work fine.

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nice job all around....great tips!

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Originally Posted by Bluewolf View Post

I could eat cheese dipped in cheese and be very happy




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Thanks Al..I think I will try it that way....


Not gonna get done today tho...rainin like gangbusters


and I had an allergie fit and got real sick this morning so right

now I feel like my insides are on my outsides

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Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Get well soon!

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Thank you hunnies....


it is a very common occurance..I don't feel well most days

just some are worse than others...(I am very sick)


I have an appointment with a specailist next month so hopefully will get some answers and much needed treatment


Been dealing with it for 21 years....*sigh*

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