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Well Taylor (my youngest) will not make it either. She's going to be in the homecoming parade this Friday. I hope to be wheels up and on the road right after the pep rally @09:00. So hope to be close by 3pm. Will go ahead and throw some cable and connectors in the truck in case we need them. Will have the slaw fixins. Do you have plenty of throw away pans or should I bring some?

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Got you all set up as far as pans,  anything else you going to need? 

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Originally Posted by alblancher View Post

Rick, If anyone other then Sandy sees you au naturelle it would certainly change the conversation at the party.   KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON

Well shucks!  LOL  I guess I should leave the mason jars alone.  LOL


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just some salt and pepper. I'll have everything else

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We'll be needing some rubbed sage for some breakfast sausage..................

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I have half a bottle rubbed sage and some powdered? sage so between the two I should have enough for what we are doing. 

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we will be coming in Thur ,AM ,so if there 's anything that comes up we need let me know and  we can stop and pick it up.

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I think it's awesome that you guys can have a big get together like this. I only wish I was available to make it that far.

Would love to meet everybody and I can only imainge what the food will be like.

Hope everyone has a great time and remember to Enjoy and BE SAFE!


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There will be enough cooks in the kitchen that if something doesn't work out right there are plenty of people to blame!  We pay extra attention to keeping the food safe and making sure everyone is well fed. 


These parties can be a great way to learn and share some good times with people that have similar interests.  Most of these parties can be part of a extended vacation.  NFL is just a bit north of the Florida Beaches,  we are not far from New Orleans, Cajun country and the MS casinos, I'm sure the S Florida guys can direct you to Disney World and the coasts. 

Keep your calendar open and make BBQ part of your next vacation!


Maybe we'll get to see you at one of these real soon

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After what i just bought my wife for her B-Day. I aint going to make it this time.




Next year and there goes my Texas hunting trip to.

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I'd of thought you would want to take a little ride and put some milage on it!  See you next year!

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Al, Do we have apple juice and mustard and foil or do I need to bring it? 

Also I am bringing the camp stove so is there a tank of gas available or should I bring a tank.



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I have a 3Q bottle of apple juice,  I need about a quart to make a spritz, if you can get by with a quart that will leave a quart for spare and the unexpected.  I have plenty of yellow mustard.  I have two full tanks of propane,  I believe we will need both of them Friday night for Bob.  At least one should be available after Friday night. I have a fairly full tank dedicated to the oven. that should get us by for the weekend, so I should have one available.  I have foil 

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Sounds good then Al.  I only need about 5-6 cups apple juiece and I will bring the stove for bob or whoever to use.   

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I will have a full tank of propane for my fryer . so as long as i have one more i am good . Looking at what has to be cooked . if i have my burner and fryer pot and Al has a burner and fryer i don't think i'll need the stove rick.

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packed and ready to go..... heading out at 5:30 am... flight leaves 7:15 and should be in NO around 10:15.... should be at your place by 2 ish......see ya then.....



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Have a safe trip,  give me a call if you need anything. 

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Look for the small LSU flag hanging by the mailbox,  The gate will be unlocked,  follow the driveway around behind the trees.  I'll pm you my phone number, sorry I don't remember if I sent it to you or not.

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Im about 70 miles away and if they don't throw a short 1 on me I should be there around noon.glad you put a marker out Al.

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Bob, you may want to stop before the tree line and take a look at the driveway.  As we discussed before you shouldn't have a problem but I would feel better if you took a look before heading through the trees.  When the driveway comes back out of the tree line there is one low branch that may be a concern, hang to the right and you should be ok

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