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I can now tell you what happens when you knock a bee hive over while cutting grass! 


They get real angry.   I had so many stings in my pants it felt like I was walking through a  brier patch.  Ever realize that when sitting in the tractor seat the fabric in the crotch of your pants gets pretty snug, it's amazing how a honey bee can find the sensitive areas.

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I do have a hi def dvr downstairs... I could bring it but it will take up a lot of space... Or I could mail it

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Lets just work with my two receivers, the antennae is what is limiting   we can work it out.  I am sure we will be able to watch the ball games the extra stuff is just that, extra.

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Just got a phone call,   Looks like we'll have the better part of a case of fresh white and yellow corn!  Maybe we can wrap it up and toss in a campfire or open the shucks up a bit, brush with butter and throw on the smoker.



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I'll bring the screen also in case we find a place to hang/prop it up. We can also hook the wii to it for the kids before football starts. It works fair in somewhat sunny areas, nut once it starts to get dark WOW. I also have a king size sheet with tarp clamps on it I'll bring. We'll figure it out after I get there.

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Ok boys the rub is made and I will pick up the butts and briskets Wednsday.  Sandy is about to do inventory for her cinn. rolls.  I am beginning to pack the chuck box and look forward to arriving around noon friday. 



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Al a side note:  I dont know if you heard from Wayne.  They are tentative again as his wife just had surgery a few weeks ago.  He told me he may drive down just for Saturday but I dont know for sure whats up. 

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No I havn't heard from him.  Hope all is well and they are able to make it


Thanks for the update

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I'm starting to drool on the side of my mouth from the great food we will be eating.................drool.gif....I feel sorry for the person sitting beside me on the plane.......nahhhhhhhh............drool.gif

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Not as much as the people sitting around you on the flight home I'll bet   HeHe   Note:  read the Pork = Flatulence thread

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Who said anything about going home........................

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I have an 8ft folding table I can bring, I really didn't know what else to bring or do, I have a grinder,11lb stuffer, cutting boards if needed..... Any suggestions ? 

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Just got a load outta Joplin going to the Wally DC in Roberts,deliver on Wed. or Thur. so looks like I may be a bit earler than expected. cool beans.

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You can plan on helping me put Boykjo on the plane.


No, just kidding


Bring the table if you can and a good attitude.  The people coming to this party are all good folks that love to cook and eat great food. Hopefully we'll live up to their expectations.  Just plan on having a good time,  if you want to cook we'll find something to get you to help us with.  Don't forget Joe is doing a sausage making demo in the late morning if you are interested.


Bring whatever you want to drink and be prepared to talk about the classes you are taking


Look forward to meeting you



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will you be bobtail or have a trailer?   Are you comfortable with how to get here and do you have my phone numbers?  If you get here Wed you can help smoke the bacon.


Eman,  set out another plate of Gator Sauce Picante, Desertlites coming in a day early!

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Yes Yes and not sure on the trl.yet Al,and if I see any prob.will let u know.I can always drop the load there(wally) and not pick up an MT. which I will prolly do. will be better all the way around.s like its only 20 miles away or so.

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Thats probably one of the best loads you could have gotten to end up over this way. 

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More like 50 miles   1.5 hours according to map program

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Yup! perhaps all my hard work pays off. Al like I mentioned before I will be available to help out in any way needed and also with a monatary contribution cuz I know these things aint cheap. Really looking forward to kickin it with all the guests and tearing up some good food. Had to laugh today as I went by a buffalo farm thinking of the past posts I have read on the subject. see ya in a few days. Bob.

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Just an update. Looks like we may have a front coming thru and a 30% chance of rain thursday . Which means a cool front.  If you are planning on tent camping make sure and pack an extra blanket . it won't be real cold  as far as i can tell . Will update the weather report on tue night for the entire weekend. Can't wait to see old friends and meet some new ones.

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