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Should have some sweet banana peppers as well.


Al do you want me to bring any folding tables and or chairs??

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Jerry,  I've typed this three times already.  I hate to have you haul that stuff all the way but as I look at what we have we may be light on tables in particular.  I have 3 small round 4 person tables, one 8 person and one 6 person white folding table.  Maybe Bob will check in with what he is bringing.  I know Rick has a couple of folding tables he is bringing.  I also have a pair of saw horses and some plywood!


I have 20 something plastic chairs, a couple of stools, some nice rockers and the chairs in the house.   I don't think I have the room to do a big sitdown like we did at your place, more find a place and make do.


Lets let bob jump in and see what he is bringing

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Spoke to Eman,  it would be a big help if you could bring three tables but if it is a lot of trouble I can pick some up at Sams



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I'm sorry that I haven't been on in a whileth_crybaby2.gif, school has been working me pretty hard this semestepot.gifr.  I'm still planning in coming at least for Saturdayyahoo.gif, Do I need to let anyone know or bring anything ?

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Well you just let us know,  do you need directions?

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Chicken will be good as Taylor (my non tring anything new daughter) will not eat any oyster Po-Boy. Me on the other hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AL do you need me to bring anything else besides the slaw fixins? Tea? Per my Doc I'm in non drinkin status sad to say! 

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I'll have iced tea and Kool Aide.  Tim just bring what ever will make you comfortable.  It is getting chilly at night and if this weather holds up you may need an extra blanket.  Mrs Pineywoods is also not an adventuresome eater, so we will have some good old basic, easy on the tummy food going all weekend.  I hope your daughter is good with rabbit and alligator!  Oh how does she feel about Buffalo?  HeHe,  I hear the "Oh that's gross" comments now  30.gif


Just a reminder to everyone coming down for the party.  You are more then welcome to enjoy your choice of any beverage you wish.  There is beer in the local quick marts but I am not so sure about the selection of hard alcohol.  You may need to pick up your alcohol and mixers in one of the large towns on your way down. Just be aware that there are also familys and non drinkers attending. 



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Al I am making 8 cups of rub this weekend for the butts and briskets.  Any left can be given away as samples or whatever.  I also posted the breakfast sausage recipe since it was requested and I have 2 tables I will bring but one will be tied up at the smoker until all is finished cooking.  We will bring a small space heater for the camper sandy and I are using just need the power. 


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Al the tables will be no problem to bring

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OK guys  Thanks

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Kennys gets oysters delivered on Tuesday and Friday.  Liz will go into Slidell either Tuesday night or Wed morning to pick them up and to get perishiables.We'll stay with the list we discussed last week and I'll call you if we miss anything.

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I am still working on stuff on my list. I will call you monday to compare list for one last time as there are a few things that i will not buy till wed .

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AL do you have a shady place to set the projector up til the sun starts to set? Going to bring my setup since Michael Ark is not coming. Also I need to know how long of a piece of RG6 to bring. Do you have only one reciever? I know Joe offered to bring a DTV reciever down.

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I have a Direct TV  analog antennae and receiver    If Joe can bring another receiver that would be great,  we would probably have NC stations on that receiver and then SEC coverage on the TV inside.  I should have enough Coax and connectors at the farm already.  I will check how much I have Saturday and let you know.  From antennae to mid tractor shed is about 80 ft.


I have plenty of shade, the 35x45 tractor shed is oriented N to S do you have a screen or do we need a wall?  I will have a S wall a sheet can be hung on and I have a couple of sheets of sheetrock that I can throw a coat of ceiling white on.  There is a bit of glare early in the AM and late in the afternoon but most of the day everything is shady. 


My wife is going to bring her Wii set up and a small monitor for it.

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The box will not pick up local channels when I am out of state.... I had to go to antenna to get them at the NFLG

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Really?  I didn't realize that,  I guess they have it set up with some type of zoning off the antennae.  So you will have the different ESPNs?  I am ok with just using my receiver.  There really won't be anyone watching TV during the day other then Football.  Most of us will be visiting or cooking anyway.

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I'll bring it just in case........ the card is programmed for this area i guess


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What happens when you put a digital receiver behind an analog antennae?

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nothing that i can remember......both worked just fine


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I am sorry I should be using the term HD.  The HD receiver should still pick up the non HD channels when behind the old style antennae.  We would at least have access to local channels with my HD receiver

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