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Rick ,

 Can you bring your camp stove that i used last year?  Be real good to fry the oysters , onion rings and hush puppies on Fri . night.

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Bob I have a portable camp stove that can hook up to a regular propane bottle if you want me to bring it. Can send you a picture of it if you want.

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I have a single burner camp stove and propane bottle and  hookups  I also have a larger fish frier set up with basket, and burner.

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Man I sure would like to make this event and meet you fellows.  Unfortunately I have to work nights that weekend, darn shiftwork.  Sad too, I don't live far from Al.  Please post some Que-Veiw.

And thanks again for all the help on here, this site is awesome!


Happy Smoking,


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Al, we have the baby that we will be bringing and we are planning on bringing a small bumper hitch camper. That is if you have room for that. I just don't think she is big enough to rough it in a tent yet. Let us know. Thank you Adam & Sara

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Camper room is one thing we have plenty of.  If there is anything else you need or if there is any way we can help out let me know.


It may be a bit tough getting you electric but we will do what can be done to make it work for you.



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was going to sugest that we could put 2 campers back where we had yours last year but i forgot there's a big wooden structure in the way now.

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Awesome, we can make do without power, just might be a bit dark! Can't wait to see everyone.

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More then likely we can get you enough power to make you comfortable, a light and fan if it is hot enough to need it but the evenings down here are already in the 70s so it should be cool enough to sleep.  I am just limited on dedicated 30 amp circuits.  Getting closer and getting more excited about having everyone over. 


 DrunkenChicken  The third best meal at these things is Breakfast.  Try and come by after work Saturday or Sunday morning and say hello to everyone.  Saturday breakfast has homemade cinnamon rolls and for Sunday's breakfast we make use of some of Saturday's leftovers.  Tell me when you are coming and we will save you some good eats.  No one leaves before Sunday breakfast and this year we have a couple people hanging around until Monday morning. So make over for a couple of hours and say high.

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AL, the mornings might be tough but I maybe able to catch Friday evening.  I let you know for sure when it's closer.




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Al how are you holding up .Ive seen floods on tv.

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We're doing fine.  One of the roads to my Slidell house is subject to tidal flooding and is closed but we where able to detour around.  Just a lot of rain.  I was at the farm all weekend and no problems up there, didn't even lose power.  We bought the farm as our hurricane evacuation home just before Katrina made us make use of it!



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Great al .The media is makeing it look like your getting hammerdhit.gif.

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I will bring the Lang, CampChef explorer propane stove, table for the smoker and the Awning I had last year.  Plus misc. cookware.  If the Buffalo doesnt pan out I should have room for rabbits.  It may be wabbit season if Bison to expensive or unavailable.  Leaving in a few days for a 2200 mile round trip on the road.  I will be out of touch after this coming friday.

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Michael ,

 the floods they were showing on Tv from this area were from between baton Rouge and als house north of lake pontchatrane.

 Back water flooding caused by very high tides from the storm and 10 - 15 " of rain that had no where to drain.

 Had one levee overtopped down south and lots of camp and home flooding there. Tides ran between 2' and 5 ' higher than normal and when you are at or below sea level that's alot of water.

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I'll probably go back to the farm Tuesday and I can take a route that will pass right by the rabbit grower? herder? rancher?  If I can make the contact I will find out as much as I can about bugs bunny.  I guess domesticated rabbit is milder then the ones running around in my front yard (another option?).  If I give him a couple of months notice I hope he will be able to butcher what we need just before the party if we can't get the buffalo.   God I hope the rabbits signs in his front yard aren't for nicely dyed baby Easter Rabbits.


Good Morning, I saw your sign, how many rabbits would you recommend as an appetizer for 40 - 45 people,  then lady faints and falls to the floor!

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huhuhuhuhu  I tink it may be wabbit season. 

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Just an update


Eman and Mrs Eman are on the way to the farm this weekend to help make final arrangements for SELA.  I've been trying to source Buffalo and had a conversation with the meat manager at  Whole Foods Company  I told him what we where looking at doing and he recommended reconsidering.  Says Buffalo is so lean that smoking is not the best prep method. 


I am thinking that Buffalo will become an appetizer at SELA.  Does anyone have any recommendations on how to prepare this meat, it's new to me and I would appreciate ideas.  I was thinking about making Kabobs with some onion, mushroom and bell pepper.  


We will discuss replacing the Buffalo with chuckies and domesticated rabbit.  I am sure Rick can do some magic with the Chuckies. 


Rabbit is pretty lean so we will probably marinate it over night and then wrap with bacon if we find whole fryers (yes, rabbits raised for butcher are called fryers).  If we find deboned meat I am thinking maybe making some fresh rabbit sausage for abts


If anyone has experience with domesticated rabbit I'd appreciate any suggestions you have.


Looks like we will have several different types of sausage including gator. 


I'll call and try to get prices on the bellies.  I don't expect anyone to be able to give me firm prices this far out but maybe I can get some close to's   I'll have to make a decision if having the slaughter house pick them out is a better deal then just ordering a couple of cases from the local meat market.  I expect to pay more with the slaughterhouse and it is a day trip through Cajun country but it they are nicer it's worth the extra effort.


It's not too late to let us know if you are interested in attending the South East Louisiana gathering this year.  We are about 7 weeks out and still have plenty of camper, tent and off-site hotel space.  Drop either Eman or me a pm and we will help you make arrangements.







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I am not able to add a reply to your last PM but Targil doesn't carry the high temp cheese so I will either locate it at Cabellas or order it on line.  We have a Cabellas in Baton Rouge and I will see it they stock it at the store.



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Leaving at 6am for vacation.  Al, I forgot to ask aobut the bellies.  Sorry.   I think yo could smoke Bison if injected and bacon wrapped but lets see what others have to say.  Ya all have a fine weekend and I will be back in 9 days. 

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