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That looks like the same one we bought for the florida gathering but it has a screened porch.

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Hey al......... Just purchased my Airline ticket and car rental........ I will be arriving to MSY airport on wed oct 26 @ 10:18 am. let me know If there is anyone needing a ride from the airport to your place around that time. I will be departing monday oct 31 @ 9:10 am from MSY so the same for a ride to the airport..... The van idea was very pricey and the full size rental may be to small to sleep in so I will be stopping off at wally world and pick up a small tent. I have a few tents so I will be donating it to your estate for future use at your establishment.........


see all of you soon



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you can borrow mine and air matress  save your cash

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i can pick u up Wed at airport and liz can drop you off Monday on her way to work save the car rental unless you want to drive around a bit.

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Thanks Al...........I already booked the car as a package. I dont want to be without wheels..... I do plan on sight seeing  a little......I'll take you up on the air mattress and tent.





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Glad to see ya going to be there Joe.  Al ,if we still have our room ,i have a cabin tent and queen matress that some one can use.

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Plan on bringing it.  I have the room for you.  Right now I have a bedroom for Liz and I, a bedroom room for you, the new bedroom for Jerry and a trailer for Rick.  Joe is welcome to either my 3 man tent or your cabin tent.  I have 2 or three good inflatable mattresses that make the ground a lot easier to sleep on.  I still have three sofa's and two lounge chairs in the living room. 


The tractor shed is coming along pretty well and is plenty big enough that if we do get rain we  have plenty of room to stay dry.


Do you have a weekend or day in mind that you can come by and help layout the area.  Rick's friend Wayne asked about his motor home and you and I will need to get together about the power?


I am very excited about how SELA has grown this year and we need to think about where everything is going to set up.



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The current attendance list is about 35 including some young people pre and early teens so if anyone has any ideas about what young people enjoy doing, let me know.  When I was that age about all we had to keep us busy was a basketball goal tacked on a power pole and street football.  I guess time have changed a bit since the late 60's


I'll have a Wii hooked up and a DVD player and I believe BamaFan is bringing some Wii games.  Michael Ark and BamaFan are setting up a large TV screen outside for the ball games.  If anyone has any ideas for lawn games, or thinks I should track down a volleyball net let me know. 


The attendance figure is based on people that have contacted me and confirmed travel plans so I am thinking that will be a minimum number.  I am still waiting to hear from some members that have expressed interest but can't make plans this far out.  If you are thinking about attending but can not make firm plans let me know anyway and I'll put you on our maybe list.   Right now I have another 10 to15 people on the maybe list so this years event has the potential of having a great turnout.


We still have plenty of tent room and seats at the dinner table so if you have never attended an event like this you should give it some consideration.  The end of October down here is normally warm to almost hot during the day but the evening can get pretty chilly.  So sleeping in a tent shouldn't be uncomfortable.



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Just got word that Al is going to be real busy between now and the gathering.

 If you are planning on bringing any sides or stuff to cook, smoke etc, to the gathering please PM me or reply here so that i can start a list and make sure that it is added to the menu. Also if you have any questions on food , shelter or whats needed etc. please ask or PM me.

 We will be having a planning meeting  the second weekend in sept. and will try to finalize plans and main menu at that time.

 We want y'all to come and enjoy yourselves and we are allways open to help ,ideas or suggestions.


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Well Bob you already know I got the Butts, Brisket, and Buffalo.  Sandy will be doing cin. rolls as usuall.  Looking forward to the gathering!

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Bob and Rick


Joe got with me about the sausage making duties for SELA.  Anything you find on the menu that I volunteered to cook please pass off to anyone that is willing to do it.  Also if anyone has any ideas for the menu lets do it.   I love to cook but I also enjoy watching others cook and eating other people's food.  I don't believe you can have too many cooks in the kitchen!  I'm also building a small food prep area outside under the tractor shed.  I am pretty much planning on turning the inside kitchen over to Sheri and the ladies45.gif


I will have a large gas grill, a charcoal grill, two ECBs, the OkieJoe and the Lang 36. Gas stove and oven inside, several crock pots. a fry daddy, propane burner,  and campground cook stove.   I figure Rick's 48 will be full of Saturday's dinner.  I will also have a grinder, 5 lb vert stuffer, and electric slicer.  I have a bunch of 35 mm natural hog casings, Cures 1 and 2 and basic spices.  I have a decent supply of Pecan split and we should have a couple of bags of charcoal.


I pm d Joe and just asked him to tell me what he will need and I will have it here for him.  If he wants me to cut and cure the meat before he flys in no problem.  That way all he has to do is season and stuff.  Sounds like he makes some tasty sausage and if he is willing I'll help him make 4 or 5 lbs of each of the different types he recommends.


Once we get a total on how many people want bellies I can do a dry cure on them if they wish and we will start the cold smoke Friday afternoon, probably run it through Sat pm.  Last count was I think about 10 bellies (130- 150 lbs),  won't know for sure until we get availability and pricing


Bob we should have a pretty good idea of the menu, who is doing what, and the grocery list when we get together Sept 10 and 11  I know it's early but we can always adjust.   I think we are still planning on food for about 35 plus a bit.


Still waiting to hear from some of you local guys.  I'll be disappointed if the crew driving in from Alabama is larger then the crew driving in from S Louisiana and Miss.


Thanks to everyone offering to help out with the event.   I can see it now,  Big Al sitting in the lounge chair drinking a cold beer watching the ball game as the plans all come together, and everyone else does all the work! 



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Only 2 i have heard from is Joe and Rick. Sherrie is planning on making a Great hash brown casarole for breakfast sun am.

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They opened a new hispanic grocery store here . produce is cheaper than any where else in town. Talked to the owner who is also the butcher and they have smithfield bellies for $2.89 lb and he told me that if i buy an unopened case i can get them at cost . Cost is $2.49 lb so not much difference for bellies sight unseen.

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I think we paid about $1.80 a lb by the case from Fortenberry in Carrierre MS last time you came over.  I still want to check with Eunice, it's a long drive but if he can pull the nice ones for me while he is killing pigs it will be worth it.  The price of pork changes almost daily so we really have to wait.   I'm willing to bet that if we need 10 bellies the Hispanic grocery will have to just give us what he gets.  I don't see him having that number of bellies in the display case or be willing to order enough to make picking through them worth the effort and additional cost.  Lets also see what Rick comes up with from his meat guy.  We need at least ten days of cure time for the bellies and 3 or 4 days of cure time for any cured sausage we do.

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Big Al has an off week! I can just enjoy games and a cold brew. And make coleslaw!

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I'll save you a seat in the front row!

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Do i need to bring my change jar nickle ,dime ,quarter poker.Just for funnsies dollar max bet for each player.beercheer.gif

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If you play cards in Louisiana you play Bouree'  I'll have cards but leave the weapons at home  police2.gif

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Had my experiences w/ bouree .Think i'll pass!

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Sounds like spades.

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