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A-MAZE-N Smoker!!

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Just recieved my package (S) .  The 20lbs of dust, A-MAZE-N 6X6, ET-73 and the pen torch you added for FREE!!  Thanks for the refund of shipping charges, not many would be so kind-- KUDDOS SIR!!!!!!!!!!!


first.gif  points.gifLooks-Great.gif beercheer.gif



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Let us know how ya like it and some Pix of it


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Yep, Todd's the man!

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You will love it!!



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More of Todd's great service!!!


Can't beat that with a stick!!




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Congratulations and welcome to the AMNS OWNERS CLUB...

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Glad you could join the AMNS club. You are going to love the smoker. It will certainly change the way you smoke

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Welcome to the A-MAZE-N-ARMY!


Lots of great advice from these guys!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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