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First Venison Sausage

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My step brother provided me with the venison (3lbs) and I added about 1 pound of pork to the mix along with about 10 oz of back fat.


Making use of the Kitchen aid.




Sorry, I didn't get a picture of me putting it in the casing but you can see the attachment for the kitchen aid.  I I think I am going to go ahead and invest in the stuffer.  I found on made by LIM that looks like a good deal.



I hung the sausage for about an hour before putting on the smoker.  Then added to smoker which was running at a temp or 194 degs.  I smoked tell they reached 150.




I removed the bottom rack and just hung them from the top.  Worked out great.

and the finished product.  I then put them in an ice bath to cool off and then in the fridge. 




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Congrats on what looks like a great job on the sausage. I hope it taste as good as it looks. It's all good my friend.

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Double ditto.


Looks mighty good.


The LEM 5 LB stuffer is a good one. The KA is good for grinding but sux for a stuffer.

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Good looking sausage you got there can you give us the spices you used ?

thanks Ahronsausage.gif

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Great looking sausage!

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