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Smoked Wings--Tough Skin

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I tried smoking chicken wings this weekend.  They came out okay, but the skin was very tough.  I was going to smoke and then finish on the grill for crispy skin but when I took them off they were done all the way through so I figured the grill would just dry them out.


Anyway, I used my Brinkman electric smoker.  It runs about 250 degrees.  A few chunks of cherry.  The wings were brined for an hour in a simple water and salt brine. 


I flipped them at hour one, they were starting to get golden.  Hour 2 I flipped them again.  The skin was darkening but they didn't seem done (I didn't get the thermometer out at that point, unfortunately).  I left them on about another 20 minutes (total time about 2:20).  I had read one or two recipes that called for total cooking time of 2:30 so I didn't think I'd gone too long. 


The meat was still fairly moist, but the skin, although dark and wonderful looking, was very tough.  They had a nice mild smoke flavor, nothing overpowering but not just plain chicken. 


I know I would not get crisp skin smoking but wasn't happy with the toughness.  Was it simply a matter of I should have taken them off sooner and finished on the grill to crisp up the skin?  Or is there something more basic wrong with the technique.


Thanks.  (No pics, sorry--I didn't remember my camera for my Son's college graduation so its no surprise). 


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When doing Chicken and wanting crispy skin imo you need higher temps, up around 300 or so

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When I did my chicken legs I moved them over the coals when they were close to done and opened the vents. that got the skin crispy and only took 10 minutes or so.  


So, seeing you were on an electric, I would say get some coals going or fire up a gasser and crisp them up.

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I smoke chicken wings at 225. When they're done, about 2 1/2 hours. I put them on a screaming hot grill for a couple of minutes turning them frequently. The skin will crisp up before the wings dry out. Then toss them in a bowl with Frank's hot sauce. mmmmmmmmmmm!

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