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Bad Transmitting on ET-73

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My wife purchased a new ET-73 for my birthday in March and the few times that I have used it I can't get it to transmit unless I am in direct view of the transmitter...hit.gif


Is anyone else have this trouble?  The batteries are new so I can eliminate that problem. 

It is very frustrating since I have been looking forward to having this thermometer for a while and now that I have it, it doesn't do me any good.


Thanks for any help.



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That's not unusual for the 73. Check out this thread on installing an antenna on the transmitter.



And here's the direct link to the fix 



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Like Dan said, that's not real unusual for the 73.

Mine had serious problems shooting from my living room to my front porch, which is just a 6" thick log wall, with one steel front door between transmitter & receiver (total about 40').


I have since demoted that unit to keep an eye on my basement freezer, from my Dining Room, and I got an ET-732 for the smoker.





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That's the one thing that sucks about the ET-73. You can try to add the antenna but I have always been afraid to try it.

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Thanks Dan!  I will be trying out the mod this coming weekend.  Hopefully it will work much better so I can relax in the mancave and have the tbs rolling outside on the crappy days.

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