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Monday Night Dinner

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I'm off tomorrow so I'll be making everything except the salad. To start I'll be tossing a Butt  on the smoker. While the final goal is pulled pork the whole thing has a German influence. I married one and a friend is visiting. Two German women in the house? My fate is sealed! Growing up they ate this pork meat called Speck. Speck still has the skin on and they grill it to bite size crispy pieces which are excellent eating. I'm going to try to pull that off. I've read quite a few threads on here so I've come up with my own crazy experiment.


7lb "Picnic Ham" is what the label said. I think it is a butt as it was laying next to the pork shoulders that looked like they could be pieced together. I'm going to call it a butt.


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This forum definately dislikes Firefox. Sorry for breaking this up but I had to switch browsers and could not even copy/paste! By the way, I can't figure out what Qview is so I will post pictures the old fashioned way.


Here is the Butt.








I know some of you are religious skin peelers but I have to try this once. Go ahead and laugh I can take it! I sliced the skin into nickel sized pieces leaving them attached to the butt. I cut all the way to the meat.



I was debating on whether to use oil or mustard but my decision was made by the small amount of mustard left in the bottle! I used EVOO. I applied rub and tossed it in the fridge.



I'll have to play this as I go. If the skin fails to get crispy I may place it skin down on a hot grill at the end.


I saved a piece for my buddy too!




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Yeah, I can't paste, etc. using Firefox.  A bit annoying for sure. Would like to know a fix for it as I post here often.


Q-view is just pix in your post of your smoke process & results.  The far left button on the same bar as the smiley face is the "insert picture" button.  click that, and browse your files for the pic you want to drop into the post.  I bust them down before posting them so they don't chew up a lot of space an time loading.


Good luck with tomorrow's dinner!

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I use Firefox too but have just been using the picture icon labeled "insert image" 5 spots to the left of the smiley face...seems to work good for me with no resizing of pics....good luck.

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Great looking ham - I bet that was tasty

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looks like it will be tasty nice job

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Looks good so far!

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Got it on by 6:15am this morning. I am not a morning person and I feel like an idiot getting up early on my day off! I wish I had one of those smokers I read about "oh yeah, I havn't touched my smoker in 10 hours and the temerature is still a stable 225," Mine isn't like that! But hey at least I have one.

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That will be awesome. I agree this forum doesn't like Firefox. Have the time I don't even get a cursor when I am trying to type. It makes it hard to edit your post. Normally I have to just hit submit and then go back in and edit the post with the edit button. That way always seems to give me a a cursor.

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Step two: Twice smoked Potatoes

I didn't buy the right kind of spuds instead I played it like the NFL draft. Sometimes you fill your needs and other times you take the best available!




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I'm wondering how the spuds came out. I've been planning on smoking some soon, kinda expanding on Cowgirls recipe, want to know what to expect.

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The butt turned out great.



I've always had trouble with these and have never been able to get them to pull nicely. From my reading here the trick was to bring the meat up to 190 degrees. No such problem this time.



The "rind" was delicious but too hard to eat the skin but we went through more than half of it. Dinner was then served.



The potatoes were very good. I had them in the smoker for 3 hours. It should have been longer. I ended up doing the second bake in the oven. Fail I guess. I also have to admit that after 11 hours I was doubting the meat would break 165 so I put it in the oven at 350 for one hour. This is the best Butt I have ever done. And the yard monster got his!



I made dessert too but more on that later, I have to go walk this off.



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I don't think I made sense when I was talking about the rind. It tasted great but the skin was too hard to eat. It was like eating crispy tasy crust off of a little flat bone. Nobody complained.


The Grand Finale:

I saw on here how someone was wrapping apples with pie crust and smoking them. I make a pretty mean apple pie so I busted out Mom's recipe and made a few mosifications to it. I had it on the smoker for an hour and a half but finished it it the oven as well.





It tasted great but for the work I'll just make a regular apple pie next time. BTW, I did not smoke the ice cream!



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Any tips on using leftovers? What is the best way to reheat the meat? Or eat cold?

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