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My first smoked prime rib, w/Q-view

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After a ton of reading on this site I decided to try my hand at a smoked prime rib for Mother's day.


Here is what I got. Just over 10 Lbs. boneless rib roast from Smolik's in Cuero, best price around here @ $7.99/lb. Thank you Smolik's. :)


Prime Rib just opened


Here is a shot starting in the smoker at 220*. Started with a medium pile of mesquite lump coal, then added a nice sized oak log on top. Lump coal gives good heat plus works to get the log started burning.


Prime Rib smoking started


About 3 hours in, internal temp just getting to 100*, smoker staying happy around 220-230.


Prime Rib at 3 hours


Here is another shot at a little over 6 hours, internal temp up to 128. Pulled shortly after this and foiled/covered with a towel for another 45 minutes, internal temp rose to 135 - trying to target more medium since Mom isn't so wild about medium-rare. After all, all this is for Mom.. ;)


Prime Rib close to ready


After resting for another 15 minutes and driving everyone nuts with the smell ;), here is what it looked like after cutting.


Prime Rib, sliced and ready to eat


Turned out very, very, very good. So far the best piece of beef I've turned out of this smoker.


Made for a very happy Mom, so that just made the day.


Thanks to all the members of SMF for the help you've provided in these forums. With this much info it really is hard to go wrong.

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That looks Fantastic...what a great mothers day meal!!!!drool.gif

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Thats just great and I know your Mom enjoyed it very much....Mom`s are GREAT !

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Man O Man that looks great.. Nice job

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Wow - very nice!

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Whhhooooo Hooooooo!!





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Looks Awesome... Nice Job...

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Great looking prime rib - congrats man

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That's a great looking Prime Rib!!!


Best looking post you made in a long time! biggrin.gif


Welcome back!




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Great looking piece of PR.....spendy meat but a nice splurge once in a while.....looks delishous

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Did you use any rub or injection??



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WOW!! Cheers to you and your mom! She raised a real good cook!


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I LOVE Prime Rib! Oh man, I will be trying this before too long. Thanks for the Awesome Q-View!

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Man, I've just got to try a PR myself!  That is just too awesome to keep looking at someone else's Q.  Nice work man!  first.gif

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