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My "two bits" on quarters...

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I ran across some chicken quarters that seemed to be priced right so I thought I'de do some up to take to work this week and to freeze for future use. The one bad thing about buying the quarters is the hip and backbones and all the extra fat. You can definately leave all that junk on there and just cook it but it may make the chicken less pleasurable to eat for some people.

I started playing around with some different ways of prepping the quarters and this turns out to be my fav. The only thing I haven't tried from here is to debone the thigh and make a drumscicle..




.79 a lb isn't bad but they do come with alot of extra junk attached..




This is right out of the package. From here I take and find where the meat of the thigh meets the meat of the hip.029.JPG


Now start working the knife along here being carefull not to cut into the thigh. We need to cut down until we get to the joint.




Cut to the hip side of the ball to separate the joint and then continue cutting through the rest of the attaching muscle down to the back skin. If you are carefull and so desire, you can run the knif along the skin and retain it for wrapping later.




Now I just can't stand to leave my thighs exposed to the elements so I just roll 'em up and give them a little tie to keep all that fat and goodness inside.




Now it's in to your favorite marinade or rub or whatever then onto the grill or into the smoker, whichever you please.




Stay tuned for some post-grill pics..

Hope this helps someone for thier next backyard party.

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Looks Great the way you have them tied up...  Looking forward to seeing how they look once they are done...

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Those look great. I bet they turned out amazing

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Disaster just struck!


I came inside to wash one of my tubs so i would have something to put them in. When I went back outside I instantly smelled the black death smoke... My grill caught fire once again! Man I just cleaned it and replaced the flavor bars not too long ago. It seems this thing (my weber genesis) can only go for a few sessions before the pan wants to catch on fire. I guess I'm just gonna have to clean it every three cooks or so.


Now the big question.. Is the chicken ruined?? I got it off as quickly as possible and it doesn't smell bad but it did spend some time over that horrible fire and smoke. I think i may just peel the skin off and cook it some other way until it is done all the way through. I have always tossed my food after a fire since it usually smelled like crap and I have been worried about the toxicity of the smoke.


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Wow Pete, Sorry about the fire. I was really looking forward to the finish of this. Hope you can salvage those guys!

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How was it? was it burnt tasting?

As far as those tidbits go save em for soup

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I have them in the fridge. They look good but they just didn't cook enough. I'll think of something to do with them in a day or two.

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And everything was going so good too!!!



Xin Loi Pete !!!




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I'm sorry too. It looked so promising. I like how you tied them too. th_crybaby2.gif

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sorry to hear pete......i wondered what the 3 alarm fire was in mesa!

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Way to go ,Pit; an excellent ideaicon14.gif The extra pieces would be good for stock or(for me) also smoked to snsck on as I finish the Quarts.

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