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RF plate Question

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I am getting ready to start a build within the next few months, I have been able to get a lot of good info off of this site.  I did a search but could not find the answer for my question.  Is there any reason to make the RF plate removeable, if so are you guys letting it float or bolting it down, pinning it, etc?  I know most if not all are welded in, I was just wondering if there was any reason not too.




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I would weld it you want as tight a seal as you can get to force the heat and smoke to travel the path you want it to

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I bet if you put a lip for it to set on it should seal
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If access to a welder or if you are paying someone to weld for you, then bolt it in place. You will still need angle iron welded into the tank for a place to bolt to. 


And as fife stated it would probably need a lip on it, you want the grease to run to the drain hole not thru the cracks.


So in my opinion I would have to say its best to weld in it place unless its just not an option.



I try a ton of new and off the wall stuff all the time, and I just cant see an advantage to this one.

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I would toss out a "it depends". If you are placing a chimney on both ends so you can use the non-permanent plates like tuning plates then I would say go for it. But if this was strictly a reverse flow smoker, I agree with Jerry and weld them in.

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Thanks for the prompt replies guys.  Yeah I will be doing most if not all of the fab work on this one.  I was planning on welding it any way, but thought I would ask at this stage in the game.  I think I am going to go with a center mount fire box design kind of like what 57vetteguy did.  The only downside is I am about 2 months from starting and will probably only get one or two weekends a month to work on it, so hopefully it will be done for easter next year.  I will more than likely have more questions before I get started.




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With a center mount fire box you may want to center the reverse flow plate with an opening on each end...but don't take my word for it use the search feature to see what the general consensus is.

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