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First Ribs on my New 22" Weber Smokey Mountain

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Did some beef ribs and some spareribs on my new to me Smokey Mountain.  Ribs turned out great way better than my Chargriller Trio.  The only thing I wish I could change is getting less pull back my beef ribs. Both were smoked using apple wood and Kingsford. Used the minion method, two full unlit chimneys and one 3/4 lit.  Temps ranged from 225-250, good range but it was due to some wind gusts we're having.


Good Thin Blue SmokeIMG_2315.JPG


Ribs at 3 Hours and ready to be foiledIMG_2319.JPG



Ribs all done



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Looks great
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Congrats on the WSM acquisition and some nice looking ribs!  


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Great looking smoke!  What time is dinner??  I'll be right over!

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Excellent job! Congrats on the new WSM!

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The ribs... IMHO will get most of their pullback from the foiling stage, try to keep the temps a tad lower and foil for 1.5 hours.


Your Ribs  looks awesome

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They look delicious.  I get a lot of pullback on beef ribs too, I'm sure they still tasted great!

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Looking good!!



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Looks like you came out of the gates running! Nice job!

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WOW nothing wrong there!

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Excellent looking pull back! I'm sure they were tasty!
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pull back is natural with beef ribs, the "Nature of the beast" so to say. I agree with the earlier statment to maybe lower the temp a bit that will help. How was the bite? where they tender?

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Nice pullback!

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They where very tender and had good not great bite.  Almost fall off the bone which I dont like.

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Congrats on your new WSM! :) i'm getting hungry just by watching at those nicely done ribs... :D 

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Gonna get some pull back with beef--but its allll goood  delicious looking meat there sir!!

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Good looking bones and congrats on your new smoker!!  thumb1.gif




Matt in Moose Jaw  canada.gif

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