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My first brisket- not a bad start

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After nearly a year of pork shoulder and ribs on the Smokin' Tex, I decided it was time to play with the big boys and try a brisket.


Started with a 7lb. trimmed flat from Costso (sorry no before pics,but it looked like every other trimmed flat). Gave it a good coat of Jeff's rib rub and let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours. At 6am Saturday it went in at 220* with a combination of hickory and apple.


Here we are 7 hours into the smoke and looking good so far at 140*:





Foiled at 165* then back in. 


Now my intention was to pull at 190*, maybe a hair over. But traffic was bad and I made it home nearly an hour later than I wanted to, walked int he door and she had already reached 200*. Pulled it immediately, wrapped in towels, and let sit for an hour. Here it is all sliced up and ready for soem BBQ sauce:





It was good, but just a *hair* more dry than I would have liked. That last hour did it I think...oh well, next time. 


I also threw a kielbasa in there for an hour while the brisket was sitting and it was outstanding! Had some great Q last night watching the fight, and plenty left over for the neighbors.




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would love to tell you it looks great but there is no pics links say moved or deleted

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Sounds good over all.  I take my briskys up to 205 and they are always moist and tender for pulling, so I'm not convinced that your "extra" hour is what made things a bit dry.  was your foil wrap tight, or could moisture escape?  Are your thermos accurate?  Something is just not adding up...


Anyway, glad y'all enjoyed the good eats.  See if you can repost the pix so we can oooh and ahhhh over the q-view.



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