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that meatloaf looks so good!!! I have been dying to try some off the smoker I might have to make one for this weekends smoke. Thanks for all the pics im dying to go to lunch now! haha

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man that looks good!!

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Thanks for the kind words. It was very good. A little bit dryer than I thought it would be. We'll just need more fat next time.

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Yummy yummy yummy!drool.gif
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Excellent Scott, great smoke ring on that meatloaf!

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Loaf looks Great, Scott!!!!


I saw the chicken before, and wondered why the loaf wasn't mentioned---Thought it was a Fatty.


All still looks tasty!




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Thanks. I thought about stuffing it with something but didn't have any stuff worthy products on hand. I didn't feel like going to the store. I was doing a bunch of different things that day. You know how it is.

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Oh my goodness! Everything looks like it turned out amazing! Great job!

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How about some leftovers. Slice off a hunk.




Put it in my custom made steamer.




And steamed me a slice.




A couple scoops of cheddar mashed pots and a Klaussen. We got dinner.




Thanks for tuning in. Turning on and not dropping out.

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Always tastes better the next day!

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MMMMM---Still looks good from here!!!




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Wow, nice spread.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE smoked meatloaf.  Never tried it with bacon on top though. Bacon makes everything better.

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