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WSM maiden voyage with BabyBacks for snacks later...

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A lot has changed since i first joined the forum and started sponging up all the info and tips I could. I have two new additions to my family. My second son born on the 20th of April and my second smoker, a new 18.5 WSM. My son is perfect and so is the smoker WOW!!!  I actually dared to turn my back and post a smoke in progress. Started a ring of Nature's Grilling 100% hardwood briquettes and some RO lump on top for good measure.  Ten mins later it started drizzling so I set up base camp! lol!Picture 001.jpg

The  white billowy smoke ended after a half hour, the thin blue smoke started happening so it was time for the ribs to head on.Picture 003.jpgThe makeshift umbrella stand did its job perfectly...Picture 005.jpgDome temp reads 250* so that means it's actually about 235* @the top grate and 225* @ the lower gratePicture 006.jpgThanks for looking guys and be sure to check in a couple hours or tomorrow for pics of the rest of it...



Matt in Moose Jaw

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Just gave em a twist...looking fine.Picture 009.jpg


Some other info i left out in my previous post includes using water in a foil bottomed water pan(exterior), two fist sized chunks of apple wood with one fist sized chunk of pecan. I used the minion method adding 12 - 13 lit hardwood briquettes to a ring of unlit w/ the chunks buried.

These are my movie snacks for later. Temps have been rock solid, this WSM is worth every penny.


Next update will have pics of finished product and hopefully a nice smoke ring. Thanks for looking

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Looks great so far!!! Don't forget the money shot when you cut them open! We want to see that smoke ring!
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Congrats on your new son, and smoker beercheer.gif


The WSM is a very nice smoker and as you said, worth every penny.

Those ribs look awesome!

Can't wait to see the $$$ shot 

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Looks great so far. I guess we're all waiting for the $ shot!

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  The crust on the rib was nice but a bit dry on the thin edges since i never foiled them. Two got sauce w/ half hour left, two dry.Pics on the cutting board...


Picture 011.jpg


And a couple sliced close ups...

Picture 012.jpg


Picture 013.jpg


All in all...not too bad.

I think I'll be sticking to spares from here on though, better flavour and meatier, these BB's were too skinny for my appetite after smelling them for 4 or 5 hours!!


And sorry to everyone who was following last night and had to wait till this morning to see the sliced results but I appreciated all the encouragement along the way. Thanks for looking.

** also learned that a sharp knife is paramount for nice display photos!sawzall.gif


Matt in Moose Jaw.  canada-flag-14.gif

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Those are some great looking ribs! Congrats!!

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Thanks Al and next time I wont keep you guys waiting for the all important money shot...

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The ribs look great Matt,

I prefer the spares also.

Thanks for sharin'  kewl.gif

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