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looking for a good pot roast recipe

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hey guys i have been doing some searching and cant really find a good recipe for a smoked pot roast. i dont really care for the traditional style with vegies and all that. any suggestions on recipe and sides?

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Put "chuckie" in the handy dandy search tool up top and have fun!!



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Yep, I agree with Craig. There are many ways to smoke a chuckie, but most do it just like a pork butt. The only difference is the rub. Beef rub instead of a pork rub.

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chuckie came back with much better results. i know i want to slice it i just need to figure out if i want to use a rub or marinate. i have been wanting to try a brine, is this something i could brine overnight. please bare with me as i am new to this hobby

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There was a great recipe on the virtual bullet site a while ago called pepper stout beef. I've done it in the oven a few times & it's delicious. As a matter of fact, i'll be doing one on the WSM tomorrow. Check it out, it's pretty good.

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You probably don't want to brine beef. A marinade would be fine, and you could rub it as well. I would keep it simple the first time so you can taste the beef. Garlic, onion, Worsty sauce, S&P. Something like that. The same with the rub.

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