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Couple Duo questions

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Hi, I just finished assembling my new CG Duo with SFB last night. Today I plan on seasoning it. I shortening to coat it with and spray canola oil for any hard to get to spots as well as lightly coating the outside of it. My question is when I season it can I do it all at once; gas side, charcoal side, an firebox? Also, on the coal side is it better to season each part independently. Meaning should I coat the main section in shortening and put the coals in there and then coat the SFB and then put the coals in there? Or should I coat both the main body and the SFB and then just put coals in the SFB and not the main grill section? Is there anything else I can do preventive maintenance wise in order to get the longest life out of the unit? If I am seasoning it and getting that protective coating built up is it a good idea to also line it in heavy duty foil? Should the SFB be lined in foil? Thanks a lot in advance.
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You really only need to season the inside of the smoke chamber and all the components inside of it. Both the gas side and the firebox will get to hot and just burn the seasoning off. Also you probably don't want to hose down the outside of the smoker either - it will cake up with dirt and eventually could get rancid and make you sick.


You will get rust on the outside of the firebox, no way around that, but the rest should be fine with just a grill cover over it. Once you season the smoking chamber don't ever use it for high heat grilling, because if you do the high heat will burn all your seasoning off and you will have to re-season it.

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Can't add anything to that. Johnny knows.

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