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Jerky Shelf Life

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I've seen some posts about people vac sealing and freezing jerky. How long can it just sit out in a ziploc bag? I would think a couple weeks at least since it has cure and smoke. I don't want to go through the trouble of sealing and freezing just to take it out a week later because I want some. Anyone ever have jerky spoil on them from being at room temp too long?

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Moisture is the enemy. If you have any of those absorbant gel packs you can extend the shelf life buy a bunch 

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Absorbent gel packs. That's funny. I got like 50 of them at work. They are kinda big though.


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You probly want to use something that's food safe, like this:



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I think every case is temp, humidity, locale etc. I dry mine in a dehydrator pretty well, let cool and put in ziplocks on the counter not totally zipped closed & date the bags. I like spicy, GF likes mild so usually have 2 baggies out. The first day or two after making I leave a papertowel in the baggies to pick up any extra moisture that might form. I only make a coupla pounds at a time so usually by 2-3 weeks it's gone. I did leave a coupla pieces linger once for a 'test' and a very small spot of mold appeared after a month on one piece. I have not jerked any in the oven or smoker so can't comment on those methods.

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