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Thanks everyone for the comments.  As for the flames yes the burners are on in the pics.  I will get a good pic at night to show them, you can't tell much about them in the pics i took in daylight.  As for how she cooks, don't know yet, Saturday June 18 will be her first run.  I will take pics and post as soon as I can.

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First smoke a sucess! 


Fire sarted around 4:30 a.m. and meat put on around 5:15


This is the meat ready to go on.  6 Boston Butts

Everything got a rub down the day before.


The temp. holds great.  Using hickory wood.


Now is when the fun starts, it started raining about 6 and didn't stop til around 4 p.m.  The meat turned out great and the smoker did awsome.




Everyone was pleased with the meat I had a lot of good feedback.

6 butts fed around 60 people counting kids with leftovers. 

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That build came out great and the food looks awesome. bravo.png

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wow thats a way to break her  that looks like some good Q

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This thread is pure WIN!! Love the build!! Looks amazing!!

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what kind of welder was used, Stick? I have a wire feed, is that good, or is stick better

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I used a stick and a wire feed welder.  Mostly I used the wire feed because of the convience of it.  A stick welder is fine with the correct rod and temp setting for what you are working on.  The wire feed is also good it your metal is clean and the welder is capable of welding the thickness of metal you are using. 


Just an update on the use of my smoker,  I have smoked several butts and some chicken so far as well as a 1/2 of a hog.  The hog dresses out at 230# so half was about 115 or so.  This was a very long day cooking!  15 hours to cook the thing with the reverse flow.  I have a hog cooker I made years ago that I usually cook hogs on, but I was only doing 1/2 so I used the smoker.  I usually can cook a whole hog in 8-10 hours with my hog cooker.  It uses indirect heat method using charcoal.  If I can find my pics I'll post them. 


I am thinking of planning a smoke for Labor Day weekend with some ribs and some Turkey breasts I have left from spring turkey season.  Usually turkey breasts don't hang around this long at my house, but this summer has been a busy one with not a lot of me time.

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Hey, Buschwacker. Nice build and great lookin Q! I thought maybe you were from Kentucky when I saw that tank was from Ferrelgas. Good to see another KY member on board.



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looking good and its nice to have helpers.

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Great work. May many days of TBS be in your future.

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wow! I like this one. Excellent Job.
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Nice machine food looked great too

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