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Quick Dinner Fatty ***Q-View***

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I forgot to take out anything for dinner last night so I decided to roll out a quick fatty. It's pretty simple. I think I might call it the pork-a-palooza fatty. Haha!


1 package of Pork Stovetop Stuffing

1 chub of Jimmy Dean Country Mild

1 lb of Bacon

K Pauls Pork Magic Seasoning


I made the stuffing a little dry so it would soak up the juice from the sausage. It came out really good considering I cooked it on my gas grill and not my smoker. I used apple chips @ 275 deg. and for the last 10 min I cranked the heat to crisp up the bacon.











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Look like it came out real good!

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Looks mighty tasty

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Nice & crisp

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