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My first smoke ever! YUM! W/Pic

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First off I have to tip my hat and give credit to everyone on this forum!  I don't think I could have been as successful as I was without all the information I read.  With that being said  I just smoked my first set of baby back ribs.  Never smoked anything in my life until yesterday.  After reading post after post on this forum I was pretty impressed with the results I got and I look forward to perfecting my skills.


I cooked at 225* and did the 2-2-1 method using Hickory chucks and chips along with a "Kansas City Style" rub from Weber.  I have a few rubs I use that I make myself but I knew this one had fairly good flavor so instead of introducing to many different things at once I decided to go with the old faith-full rub.  below is a picture of my end result. 





Please let me know what you think.  I ended up with a few chunks that were a tad dry I think perhaps I didn't put enough water in the foil during the second two hours of cooking but for the most part everything was fall off the bone goodness.




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Great looking smoke - nice job

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Thanks!  I am trying to decide what I want to smoke next.  I may try fish or another hunk of pork.

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You sure that was your First???  Looks great from here! Nice job bravo.png

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Nice job! And it only gets Better as you develop your craft.
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Great job Tony! 

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Thanks everyone for the kind words.  Yup "TheBarbeQueen" was my first ever.  I hope its not just beginners luck LOL!  icon_smile.gif

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Those look really good, nicely done!!

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