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Successful party

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I wanted to thank everyone on here who has responded to any previous posts. My son had his second birthday party this weekend with about forty guests and it went off with rave reviews. I bought Jeff's rub and sauce recipe and the four butts that I smoked were perfect. The sauce was unbeatable and Dutch's baked beans were the hit of the party. Everything I cooked was scarfed down. I have learned a whole lot on this site in five months and am becoming quite the cook. You guys really know your stuff and have been a big help. Thanks!

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We are proud of your accomplishments and of you for pulling it off. This is what this site is about but I do need to do this to you- in 5 months you should know the rules



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Congrats on a job well done -  so glad you got through your first big party with flying colors!   Cheers!

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All of the above!

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Sorry guys. I pulled the last one at 0230 in the morning and had to be up at five to go to work. I was a little sleepy. . . and greasy. . . so I didnt think to grab a camera. Lesson learned, though. Next time, there will be pictures. Thanks

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Awesome. I love hearing good news.

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With such success me thinks you'll be asked to do this all the time now....congrats on a happy smoke and satisfied party goers

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