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I'm expecting...........

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I just ordered a brand new Lang 84 Deluxe.  Seems like quite a jump from a WSM 22.5 but I did it.  Any Langaholics out there?


S. Neal

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This place is loaded with them. You WSM traitor!  icon_mrgreen.gif

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OK.... now you are required to package up your WSM and ship it to me! biggrin.gif


.... grats on the Lang!

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mov'in on up to the big city.....congrats and good luck

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Awesome, make sure to post a ton of pics

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Congratulations, Did you use the WSM as a trade-in and give you a good deal...

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I'm anxious for you. Looking forward to pics

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icon14.gifGood Luck


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Now I'm totally Jealous. I wish I could get a lang too.

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Congrats that is a great smoker I have the same model only mine is an older one. Keep your WSM around because for small smokes it's hard to justify cranking up that big Lang.

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I'm a "Lang lover"

You will be thoroughly impressed with your new smoker.

Post plenty of pics of your new baby!

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just got mine 2 weeks ago, thing is a tank!


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Still waiting on the Lang it is killing me:(
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How long will it be before your baby gets home?

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Congratulations! I'm just a lang wanna-be th_crybaby2.gif

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I aint gunna put down anybody's smoker.  But a Lang would be stored in my bedroom.


Good luck and good smoking.

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mmmmm a Lang.... drool.gif: Hope it gets home soon. Looking forward to the pics
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Hopefully end of this week!
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